Monday, May 23, 2011

On Charters That Can Help Curtail Slavery, Human Trafficking And Abuses Against Migrant Workers


Please help in the global campaign to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Since you’re a broadcast-journalist and writer, I know you can help in promoting 2 charters that peaceful activists from all over the world are advocating.

As a human-rights’ campaigner and cause-oriented blogger from the Philippines, I sincerely believe that the UN should establish 2 new international charters that can effectively curtail modern day slavery, human trafficking and stop the abuses against migrant workers, These 2 charters are the following:

1.) International Charter Against Modern-Day Slavery And Human Trafficking

2.) International Charter On The Protection Of Migrant Workers’ Rights

An international charter against modern-day slavery and human trafficking should ensure that every country in this world must have effective measures that would systematically curtail modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Such a charter can prevent children from being exploited and forced to do hard labor as well as protect women from being sold to sex-slavery.

The second one is an international charter against the abuses being done to migrant workers. There is really a necessity to establish a charter that will protect the rights of the migrant workers. Many migrant workers are being abused by their employers and somehow are forced to work as though they are slaves. Migrant workers easily become victims of human-rights’ violations. Hence, there is really a need to establish an international charter that will protect the rights of the migrant workers.

I have been advocating the necessity of an international charter that will protect and guarantee the rights of the migrant workers since the 1990s up to this present year of 2011. Many Filipino migrant workers had returned to the country with horrific stories of being abused by employers or treated like slaves under dangerous working conditions. I’m hoping that activist groups from all parts of this globe can make this dream become a reality soon.

The mentioned charters are necessary so that we can gauge how effective are the measures of every government on this planet in curtailing or preventing modern-day slavery, human trafficking and the abuses against migrant workers. I hope that non-governmental organizations, workers’ associations and civil-society groups would all unite in persuading the United Nations to establish the proposed international charters.

Please help us in campaigning for the said charters. Please click these links: and ….. Thanks.