Sunday, April 22, 2007


The inset photo is a picture of the famous rock band called RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. The band is famous for its use of combining both the hip-hop and punk elements with its own style of “funky hard rock music”. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE is also known as a rock band which is involved in many activist and humanitarian causes. Among the advocacies that the band champions are children’s rights, gender equality, debt relief for all developing countries, environmentalism and a homeland for Native Americans- the American redskins or American Indians. The band is also known as “leftist-oriented” group, because its members are avowed socialists. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE vocally and loudly supports violent Marxist groups like the Zapatista guerillas in Mexico. I do admire such band’s use of peaceful and lawful means to campaign for the political causes that it advocates. But I don’t like the way it proposes certain Marxist-Communist agendas for a society. Marxist-Communist agendas lead to totalitarian or dictatorial take-over. I like some of the songs of such band. But I hope that someday such rock band will completely drop its championing of certain Marxist-Communist agendas.

I believe that democracy is the only socio-political system in the world that is compatible and in harmony with all of the natural, universal and moral principles. Hence, democracy is the only “natural socio-political system” in this world. Democracy is the only socio-political system in the world that guarantees a social contract for the protection, securing and ensuring of all known human rights and civil liberties of humanity. Hence, democracy is compatible with every political, economic and religious ideology in the world. Anything that degrades the idea of a social contract that guarantees all the known human rights and civil liberties is termed as “tyranny”. Hence, anything that is anti-democratic is labeled as a tyranny. Therefore, it is only proper to say that every country, every social organization (including the semi-religious and religious ones) and every culture in this world should peacefully and lawfully embrace real, global and moral democracy. The ideals of our groups- the LEAGUE OF POLITICAL ABROGATIONISTS and the COMMUNITIES’ ALLIANCE FOR REAL DEMOCRACY- can be read instantly by clicking this web page now: . The readers are free to view such web page now.

I also would like to “advertise” certain worthy global cause-oriented groups that are really helping this world to be a much better and a much humane place for humanity. The readers of this article can either join or give donations to these internationally well-known non-government orgs- the Amnesty International and The One Campaign. Amnesty International is involved with the global campaign to protect all known human rights of humanity. Amnesty International had already won a couple of Nobel Peace Prize awards for its peaceful and lawful campaigns to protect and defend all the known human rights all over this world. Click this web page now to know more about Amnesty International: . On the other hand, The One Campaign is an international organization that is peacefully and lawfully struggling to lessen the global impact of a disease called AIDS and, also, is currently involved in many programs that have been designed to lessen global poverty. Click this web page to know more about the One Campaign: . Such humanitarian organizations need the support and donations of the righteous people of this world. Please make donations to such groups now. And, if you can, join such groups now and help make this world a better place for all human beings. Also, make this world a better place for plants and animals as well. I hope that someday all the technologies that humans would be using are environment-friendly. Thanks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


The Philippines is really a beautiful country! Our country has a working democracy, friendly and nice people, and truly-wonderful natural sceneries. The Philippines is also a bastion of strong faith in holiness and goodness. I don't believe that the Philippines has a "rotten socio-political system"! I believe that democracy is really working in the Philippines. But it can not be denied that our country has some socio-political problems that come from a defective political-patronage system that hinders the further advancement of democracy in this nation. Our people have to gain a truly-meaningful, global and moral democracy in this country. Reforms, reforms, reforms! Socio-politcal reforms are necessary to renovate the Philippine political-electoral system and the political institutions that would make democracy in our country become truly-meaningful, global and moral to all the sectors of the Philippine society. And I believe that the Philippines has plenty of idealistic social reformers who will continue to struggle peacefully and lawfully to gain real, global and moral democracy for the Filipino people. Cheers for the Philippines! I love the Philippines!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I read a good work from one of the viewers of this blog. This message was written by Jeanette Bonifacio of the Ang KaSaMa group in the Philippines. Here is the message:

Gov’t subsidy of the electoral process! The reason you have a rotten society is because you have rotten leaders & a rotten system. In order to create a new society, you have to have a new system & new leaders. They have to create each other. Leaders have to create system and system have to create leaders. A system where we allow MONEY to dictate the destiny of a people is a highly-questionable system. Loose talks from some reliable sources point to the fact that since time immemorial nat’l campaign money comes from the host of illegal activities like jueteng, drug-syndicates, kidnap for ransom, bank robbery, etc. This is the main reason why this gov’t & all succeeding administrations will never be able to solve the drug-problem of this country. On the other hand, the Gov’t subsidy of the entire electoral process will immediately and effectively put a stop to the campaign-money coming from vested interest groups & illegal activities. This will make politicians & public officials become BEHOLDEN only to the gov’t. Big businesses’ control and monopoly over the political destination of this country by way of lucrative investments to favored politicians must end. If I may quote from the Phil. Daily Inquirer issue dated February15, 1992, from its Editorial entitled “Money and Politics”, last paragraph, which says “Until Congress passes a law subsiding the major candidates campaign for the president and other national posts, candidates and parties will have to think of creative ways of breaking the hold of money on Phil. Politics. If we are to have a real democracy, money must stop determining the outcome of elections.”Number 7, under Section 2 of Letter C on Commission on Election, Article IX on Constitutional Commission, defines the powers and functions exercised by Comelec under Section 2 to, (#7) Recommend to Congress effective measures to: 1. Minimize election spending 2. Limitation of places where propaganda materials are to be posted. 3. Prevent and penalize all forms of election frauds, offenses and malpractices. 4. Remove nuisance candidates. Perhaps one of the many challenges that faced Congress, hitherto, is that mandate in the Constitution, where Comelec in its exercise of its powers and functions (may) recommend to Congress effective measures to MINIMIZE ELECTION SPENDINGS!The ff. suggestions hope to dramatically minimize, if not entirely eliminate the role that money plays in the outcome of elections. To this end, bills may be filed in Congress precisely for this purpose: Shorten campaign period! Many candidates become sick because they have to cover the length and breadth of a certain constituency. Specific areas like barangay halls, plazas, basketball courts, etc. are places where meetings can be held. Aspirants should then be effectively discouraged from wasting their time, for example, using door to door contact. This is one of the main reasons why campaign periods take sometime. The more time spend to campaign, the more money is spent - e.g. let national campaign be done via multimedia - radio, newspaper& nationwide TV coverage like the impeachment trial or Comelec hour, w/out the candidates covering the length & breadth of the archipelago. Remove or eliminate the fiesta atmosphere as a traditional campaign strategy. Motorcades and lavish miting de avances which more often than not include expensive fireworks, entertainers, actors and actresses, celebrities, etc. must all be banned. In the words of P.R. Sarkar, “The farce of sham democracy has been likened to a puppet-show were power hungry politicians pull the strings from behind the scene.”Some so-called democracies" have reduced elections to mere popularly contests and survival of the fittest. Generally speaking, the traditional ways and approaches made by political demagogues, catering to people’s emotions and sentiments, to popularize themselves, in most cases, is primarily what is important to the people at large and to the “trapo” politicos as well. Entertainment, by and large, instead of the urgency of mass education, etc., becomes the name of the game. Society had degenerated to the point that the “MOB” is able to dictate even to the leaders of this country, to “seek and aspire for popularity”, rather than “righteousness and soul-searching”. All the education, issue-orientation, principles and ideology, and platforms of government, are all thrown in the dustbin of history. In fairness to the so-called MOB, deep inside them, they really want genuine change, for after all, their poverty is definitely beyond mere reform. Frankly speaking, all these posters everywhere, TV, radio and newspaper ads, motorcades and lavish star-studded miting de avances, etc:, don’t mean anything at all, as far as “Voters education is concerned!”In fact, many times over, they tend to becloud the issues, and inmore ways than one, MONEY, almost single handedly dictates the outcome of elections. At this point, may I state categorically, that there are basically three (3) ways to know a candidate: 1.) Educational attainment or credential 2.) Track record – in public office for re-electionists and NGO’s or private sector records for neophytes 3.) Platform of government- which contain among others: a.) plan of action (short, medium and long term) b.) vision of society- contains all the ideal features of what a candidate perceives to be an ideal society. And as a fierce advocate of Alternative Political and Electoral reform-programs, I've watched over the years with keen interest, precisely, reforms that maybe instituted by the Electoral Reform Committees of both the Senate and the House-and the result is that up to now, “zero-reform”, is their proud record of achievement! Again, in fairness to these brilliant lawmakers, particularly the heads of these committees, they saw no need for reforms, lest they “rock the boat”, so to speak…I rest my case...........