Sunday, April 22, 2007


The inset photo is a picture of the famous rock band called RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. The band is famous for its use of combining both the hip-hop and punk elements with its own style of “funky hard rock music”. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE is also known as a rock band which is involved in many activist and humanitarian causes. Among the advocacies that the band champions are children’s rights, gender equality, debt relief for all developing countries, environmentalism and a homeland for Native Americans- the American redskins or American Indians. The band is also known as “leftist-oriented” group, because its members are avowed socialists. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE vocally and loudly supports violent Marxist groups like the Zapatista guerillas in Mexico. I do admire such band’s use of peaceful and lawful means to campaign for the political causes that it advocates. But I don’t like the way it proposes certain Marxist-Communist agendas for a society. Marxist-Communist agendas lead to totalitarian or dictatorial take-over. I like some of the songs of such band. But I hope that someday such rock band will completely drop its championing of certain Marxist-Communist agendas.

I believe that democracy is the only socio-political system in the world that is compatible and in harmony with all of the natural, universal and moral principles. Hence, democracy is the only “natural socio-political system” in this world. Democracy is the only socio-political system in the world that guarantees a social contract for the protection, securing and ensuring of all known human rights and civil liberties of humanity. Hence, democracy is compatible with every political, economic and religious ideology in the world. Anything that degrades the idea of a social contract that guarantees all the known human rights and civil liberties is termed as “tyranny”. Hence, anything that is anti-democratic is labeled as a tyranny. Therefore, it is only proper to say that every country, every social organization (including the semi-religious and religious ones) and every culture in this world should peacefully and lawfully embrace real, global and moral democracy. The ideals of our groups- the LEAGUE OF POLITICAL ABROGATIONISTS and the COMMUNITIES’ ALLIANCE FOR REAL DEMOCRACY- can be read instantly by clicking this web page now: . The readers are free to view such web page now.

I also would like to “advertise” certain worthy global cause-oriented groups that are really helping this world to be a much better and a much humane place for humanity. The readers of this article can either join or give donations to these internationally well-known non-government orgs- the Amnesty International and The One Campaign. Amnesty International is involved with the global campaign to protect all known human rights of humanity. Amnesty International had already won a couple of Nobel Peace Prize awards for its peaceful and lawful campaigns to protect and defend all the known human rights all over this world. Click this web page now to know more about Amnesty International: . On the other hand, The One Campaign is an international organization that is peacefully and lawfully struggling to lessen the global impact of a disease called AIDS and, also, is currently involved in many programs that have been designed to lessen global poverty. Click this web page to know more about the One Campaign: . Such humanitarian organizations need the support and donations of the righteous people of this world. Please make donations to such groups now. And, if you can, join such groups now and help make this world a better place for all human beings. Also, make this world a better place for plants and animals as well. I hope that someday all the technologies that humans would be using are environment-friendly. Thanks.


Lapz said...

AKSM joined the Earth Day Jam with at least 50 MSSV youth from three chapters in Metro Manila. Banners and FLAGS fly high during the concert and our volunteers got busy for the campaign signatures: MOVEMENT AGAINST CRUELTY TO ENVIRONMENT. Cause oriented groups, government employees and officers, the youth, Partylist such as Anak Pawis and KABATAAN Partylist, PAWS (Phil. Animals Welfare Society), PNP, DENR employees, Haribol, etc. signed the petition paper with a total of 305 signatures. At least 500 leaflets was distributed about AKSM and Neo Humanism.

Vegetarian food and water was distributed to the thristy and hungry youths in search of an ideology that jumped and dance all night long. With stickers and posters: Supports Candidates with Clear Environmental Platform and Smoke Free Environment creates greater impact to the crowd. At least 400 back issues of Prout Times was also distributed along with our leaflets.

More than 3000 people were present during the concert with DENR Secretary Angelo Reyes singing a song for the environment. AKSM Flags were highly visible in our booth and was also carried in every nook and corner by the proud marching MSSV troops from Roces Chapter.

Special thanks to Bro. Devapriya, President of Ang MAKATA (Ang Maharlikang Katagalugan) the first who came in the area, to sister Sheila (the first Ang KaSaMa Secretary General six years ago) and to Atty. Malini (The AKSM Legal Atty) who stayed with us till 12pm midnight for the signature campaign, the moral support of Arjun Marapon and Ang MAKATA officer Bro. Rainjan and to Malate Chapter with Cherry and others. To our tireless donors, maraming maraming salamat sa inyong walang sawang pagtangkilik at pagsuporta sa ating kilusan at pakikibaka, a drop of water to the ocean also becomes an ocean...God Bless You ALL!


Lapu-Lapu Mahar

Marion L. said...

Although the Earth Day Celebration in Iloilo City
> didn't really make a
> spark. We made sure it was a good start. This is the
> first time the
> DENR Regional Office 6 will be holding a sale of
> recyclable materials
> and our organization is a part of it. The Ang
> Taga-Aton Association,
> Incorporated jammed throughout the program through
> Maharlikang Bahandi.
> It was a blast especially during the song number
> rendered by Venus
> Espin, the president of Taga-Aton; the song our
> fellow margi's Erol and
> Alfred composed. The public officials and
> authorities were awed with
> the environmental song. People from their offices
> walked out of their
> rooms to check-out the rhythm that was rising.
> After the program, we were also invited to serenade
> the people who are
> cleaning outside (they are composed of employee's
> from different
> agencies surrounding the barangay). Jamming, Jamming
> under sun...
> That's what we did... We also facilitated selling
> the recyclable
> materials gathered by the agencies... So far, we
> have made them aware
> of our advocacies. We hope this activity will
> continue to shed light to
> the continuing struggle of Mother Nature against
> pollution... Our
> candles will continue to burn... Love is all around
> us!
> Marion Patrick T. Lavilla
> Secretary, Taga-Aton Association, Inc.

TambloT BabaylaN said...

I pasted below the exact principles where P.R. Sarkar,
founder of Prout where he explains that there should
be maximum utlization of the things. He is against
stone age technology.

He said in some other articles that real progress
which has no side-effects are only possible in
spirituality. In physical level, whatever benefits has
its own side effects. But it does not mean that we
should not continue with progress in the research and
use of matter. I even read in one Prout article that
he said in the future, that there will be two types of
human beings besides the human beings by normal birth;
1. genetic human beings and robotic which can do
whatever human beings does (except that it will not
have self- generated subjective emotions).

He also said that moralists of the world, should
invent more powerful weapons that atomic and nuclear
bombs. He said there is nothing wrong with scientific
inventions. What is wrong is in the mind of vested
interest selfish persons.

Even in Microvita books, he mentioned that we should
research more and more about the material, psychic and
spiritual benefits of science of microvita (microvita
is billions carbonic atoms. he said the base of life
is not carbon atoms, but condensed billion microvita).

by TambloT BabaylaN

Earle Argonza said...

You see, this Greenpeace people, pa-boating boating
lang sila (they just run their boats) with hardly any substantive program, aside
from highlighting defects here and defects there...AND

No offense meant to Greenpeace, whose chairman Von
Glenn Hernandez is a good friend of mine. But behind
this group are British MI6 agents masquerading as
'feel good' advocates. You'd understand why the French
intelligence blew up the Greenpeace boat during the
last nuclear testing by the French in the Pacific. The
MI6 and their Anglo-Dutch financier masters just can't
fool the patriotic French guys.

Basta tayo (I, personally, want), iyong (such) 'environmentalism from the heart'
ang i-promote (to be promoted)- balanced na di nangwawasak ng
industriya (the one which is balanced and doesn't want to destroy the current global industrial system).
Happy Earthday again!

prem doce said...


Earth Day celebration was successfully done by the groups of Margiis here in Davao City,The untiredless effort to materialize the event was participated by the different groups led by the margiis.Kauban Davao,Katribu, Kinaiyahan, the punk group and the last from MWAF,All groups present their protest music againts the exploitation of the natural resources and the preservation of the resources for future genaration,and I was able to deliver a short talk about the global warming,The concert was witness of one thousand people at the Rizal Park of Davao city.Three sisters with jai krshna of Katribu perform their ethnic dance and music.Through the effort of bro. Janardhan the newly elected Bhukti Pradhan of Davao city,he is actively working for the cause of environmental protection.Done in the year of 2007 april 22,there are almost fifteen band perform in the concert.congratulations !!!!!

prem doce