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US Mid Term Elections 2010 - Democrats Will Keep Both Houses…..

US Mid Term Elections 2010 - Democrats Will Keep Congress - But Only Just!

Contributor:: Chris Ford

Saturday, 7 August, 2010 - 16:15

This is the last in a series of articles about three of the most important global elections in 2010. This covers the US midterm elections scheduled for November 2nd. The other articles were on the British and Australian general elections.

US President Barack Obama will at least breathe a sigh of relief if the Democrats retain both Houses of Congress on November 2nd.

At the moment, despite slipping popularity, the Democrats look likely to retain control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. But on both counts, the margin could be narrow for the Democrats with anywhere between twenty to thirty seats being forecast as possible House losses for that party. Currently, the Democrats hold 257 House seats as against the Republicans 178. In the maximum thirty seat switch seat scenario I have just given (which has been guessed at by many pundits), the House will remain Democrat-controlled but on a slim 227-208 margin.

In the Senate, anywhere between four to six Senate races could go against the Democrats. This might re-tip the current Democrat-Republican balance in that 100 seat chamber from being 59-41 to around 53-47. It might even tie if the number of Democrat losses goes higher than eight.

In any event, the American system means that Obama doesn't have to resign, even if the Republicans were to regain Congress. Under the US system which strongly seperates the three branches of government (executive, legislative, and judicial) and the number of constitutional checks and balances which ensure that no one branch of government dominates, American presidents of one party have often had to co-habit with Congresses controlled by the other party. For example, former Republican president George W. Bush dealt with a Democrat controlled Congress during his last two years in office from 2006. In fact, almost all American post-war presidents (with the exceptions of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter) have had to effectively share power with the opposing party in this way. It must also be pointed out that almost every president since the 1900s (with the notable exceptions of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934 and George W. Bush in 2002) has seen his party lose seats at mid-term elections.

Another aspect is that if even a president's own party retains congressional control, they don't completely get their own way on legislation. The American system means that presidents can propose legislation (which is introduced by a supportive legislator in either chamber) but they can often lose votes as party discipline is much looser than it is in Westminster system parliaments like New Zealand's. Therefore, right-wing Democrats have had a habit of voting against their own party's administrations and they have forged alliances with Republicans to do so in either or both chamber. It is interesting to note, though, that it is unusual, at least in the House, for Republicans to vote with left-leaning Democrats on issues.

However, in the Senate, cross-party collaboration has been the order of the day on many issues due to the more consensual-style of that chamber.

How does this situation impact on Obama?

Currently, the president has almost solid support from the congressional wing of his own party on domestic policy. For example, nearly all congressional Democrats voted for Obama's health care and financial reform bills, which were two landmark pieces of legislation. On foreign policy, it has sometimes been a different story with Obama relying almost solely on Republicans (and a few Democrats) to support war funding bills for the Afghanistan War in Congress.

As it stands, Obama looks set not to face the scenario that confronted Bill Clinton post-1994. Having been defeated on health care legislation and facing a number of scandals (mainly Whitewater), Clinton's Democratic Party succumbed to its worst post-war congressional loss that year as the Republicans, under Newt Gingrich, took over the House and Senate. This meant that in order for Clinton to make any political progress, and thus secure his own re-election, he had to swing further to the right.

While Obama looks likely to escape that fate, he will still have to be mindful of a number of issues. The first is the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Obama has laid out an exit strategy from a war that he inherited from his successor, George W. Bush, in what clearly amounts to a Vietnam-style slow cut and run strategy. But in order to do so, he has misguidedly ordered a troop surge into that country (a move which, as a candidate, he criticised Bush for with respect to Iraq). With the war now going badly, he risks becoming another Lyndon B. Johnson-type figure if he doesn't withdraw even sooner (which I think he should do).

The second is the post-BP spill clean up in the Gulf of Mexico region. This spill impacted on the livelihoods of fishermen, workers and small businesses in the electorally crucial southern states. Obama did well to win states like Florida and Virginia in 2008 and any alienation of southern sentiment (in a region that has become strongly Republican) might leave him vulnerable in 2012.

The third and most crucial issue is the economy. At the moment, both the US and global economies are undergoing a shakey recovery. Obama must be praised for his brave decision to keep running a Keynesian-style fiscal stimulus programme that appears to be delivering something of a halting recovery. While the federal government deficit is now sitting at record levels (US$2 trillion), one has to think as to how the American and global economy might have gone had not the programme been put in place. We might have been pulling ourselves out of, not a recession, but a depression! Over the next congressional term, in the lead up to the presidential contest in 2012, Obama will have to extremely careful about any stimulus withdrawal plan.

Obama, for all his faults, is the most progressive American leader since Lyndon B. Johnson in domestic policy terms. My hope is that enough Americans will elect or re-elect congressional and state Democrats in a way that endorses Obama but yet puts him on notice that he shouldn't completely jettison the progressive agenda. I think it's just too risky to put the GOP (Grand Old Party) back in charge of Congress. I say this as the Republicans appear to be both gaining some strength but are, as yet, hamstrung by divisions in their own party, particularly caused by the rabidly libertarian, Fox News-endorsed Tea Party movement. And they face the prospect of nominating (amongst the leading Republican contenders) Sarah Palin who is merely a more photogenic, female version of Dubya Bush in 2012. Their talent scouts will be hopeful that more 'moderate' Republicans like, for example, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (of Indian descent) might step up to the plate to become the GOP's own Obama that year.

Short of that, Americans are now bracing themselves for the post-September campaign onslaught. While campaigning has been going on for all of this year, it's about to reach fever pitch. And out of all those office seekers, the most important candidate will be one who isn't running, at least not this year - Barack Obama.

I really see the Dems gaining the majority in both houses in the coming midterm elections. Obama is clearly charismatic and charming enough to lead the Dems to the pathway to victory! As a matter of fact, I’m now predicting that Obama will have a 2nd term as POTUS. Such prediction of mine has based upon accurate political statistics and current economic data in the USA.

The science of numbers in this world does favor the Dems in the coming midterm elections. The Repubs will have their proper break in the 2012 US elections. But, still, I do perceive that Obama can easily win the 2012 presidential election, and that prediction is based on mathematical and scientific facts. Amen.

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She's a brave and shining knight not for violence,

But for human rights, righteousness and peace.

Courage and wisdom are the weapons she wield

Against a confused and oppressive tyranny

Which many of her own people had long-feared.

Her people are now ready to be truly-free!

She is Burma's saintly fighter for freedom!

Her dedication to non-violence is now

An epic-tale that can move mountains to vow

And be committed to giving freedom to Burma.

Miss Aung San Suu Kyi's sincerity in freeing Burma

Would wipe out and depose a dictatorship,

Due to her inspirational leadership.

She is Burma's saintly fighter for freedom!

She has endured a deafening house detention;

She was able to withstand harsh persecution;

She rose up from the ashes of repression!

She never surrendered to howling depression,

Because she's a saintly knight for her nation.

Aung San Suu Kyi's righteous courage and wisdom

Would lead Burma towards the path to freedom.


Congrats To Noynoy Aquino For Being The New Prez Of The Philippines.....

We have to congratulate Noynoy Aquino for winning the 2010 Philippine presidential election. Though Noynoy seems to be more of a reactionary conservative than a liberal, he ran successfully under the banner of the Liberal Party. The ones who will surround Noynoy Aquino when he assumes the presidency will surely come from the various progressive sectors that make up the Liberal Party of the Philippines. In other words, the progressive groups will surely dominate the next governmental administration in the Philippines.

Another consolation from the said victory of Noynoy Aquino in gaining the Philippine presidency is his openness to the idea of re-opening investigations against the alleged scandals that had rocked the Arroyo administration in the past years. Such may pave the way for the proper prosecution of those people who got involved in such graft-and-corruption scandals.


The Philipines Was Successful In The Holding Of Its First Automated National Election.....

The Philippines had successfully held its first automated national election last May 10, 2010. The results of such an election were both accurate and credible. It can be said that such an election was relatively peaceful. Also, the first automated national election in the Philippines reflected the true will of the Filipino people. It's suffice to say that such an election was honest and truly-clean.

It's time for the Filipino people to move forward in achieving progress through constitutional means. The first automated national election in the Philippines was another peaceful revolution. Just like in the First People Power Revolution, the peaceful revolution of the first automated national election in the Philippines catapulted an Aquino to the presidency- Benigno Simeon Aquino III. The whole Filipino nation has already been congratulated by the international community last June and July of this year. The Commission on Elections in the Philippines should also be congratulated for doing its job well last May 10, 2010. The Philippines is now looking forward to the day when all private armies would finally be disbanded, so that all the would-be elections in the country will not be troubled anymore by the political warlords in the provinces.

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Sarah Palin Is Aiming For Showbusiness.....,,20354193,00.html

Sarah Palin to Host Alaska Reality-TV Series

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

Good news for Those Who Can't Get Enough of Saran Palin: The former Alaska governor – who's now a Fox News commentator, best-selling memoirist and Republican campaign machine – has a deal in the bag with the Discovery Channel, a source at the network confirms to PEOPLE.

According to everyone from Variety to The Washington Post, the series Sarah Palin's Alaska has been picked up for a reported $1-million-plus per episode. Variety says Palin's project with reality-TV rainmaker Mark Burnett "will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state – with the ex-VP candidate as a guide." A spokesman for Palin referred questions to Burnett's office, which did not return requests for comment. Neither did a Discovery spokesperson.

With reporting by KATE COYNE



That's good news for the fans of Sarah Palin. That means even if Mrs. Palin couldn't or wouldn't make it to the Republican primaries, at least she will be still an icon to her legions and legions of fans. That also would mean Jan Brewer getting an opportunity to edge out probable opponents easily if she decides to compete for the Republican primaries.

I know that it's still early to talk about it..... but I do have this intuition that somehow many supporters and fans of Mrs. Sarah Palin are convincing her to run for president in year 2012. I think Mrs. Palin is currently busy with her showbiz career to take such challenge seriously. As of now, since many showbiz offers are in front of Sarah Palin, the challenge for her to be the standard-bearer of the Republican Party in 2012 is not a viable option. I think Mrs. Palin would fare better in show-business than in politics. The showbiz world needs her charms.

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I think the next time we hold our presidential election, we should imitate the presidential-system in the US where you don't have to choose a separate vice-presidential candidate from a different political party. That means we will only vote for the presidential candidate and, automatically, the vice-presidential nominee of the presidential candidate whom we voted for will get the same vote. Such would diminish the possibility of a conflict between a president and vice-president on policy-matters or a power-grab due to conflicting party-loyalties of the president and vice-president- granting that they belong from 2 different political parties.

Another advantage of such automatic-vote count for the VP nominee of the presidential candidate whom we voted for is that, if situation demands so, it will pave way for smooth transition of power granting that the chief executive may face either a successful impeachment trial or suddenly have an incurable or unmanageable illness. The transition of power from the president to the vice-president would be really orderly and the governmental policies will just continue without being harassed by an incoming administration.

The psychology of power grab from the chief executive's own vice-president due to opposing party-affiliations would be deleted away for good. The Philippines should get away from the notion that it's okay that a VP might come from a political party that the chief executive isn't a member of. The polarization between the VP and the chief executive can be avoided if such automatic-vote count for the VP nominee of the presidential candidate whom we voted for can become a reality in Philippine politics. Such should happen in the Philippines soon.


Let us be vigilant this coming national election in our country! We must use our video-cams, digicams, video-phones, cell-phone-cameras or any device that can take shots of photos and videos that show certain irregularities or violations of certain electoral laws. Such vigilance can prevent politicians from committing cheating schemes just to win an election. Also, such vigilance would help
our nation achieve honest and clean elections.

If you can, you have to join certain volunteer groups that are dedicated to making the elections truly-clean and would do poll-watching duties come election day. Such groups also have clear mechanisms on how to safeguard election-results. If you are so busy to have time to join such volunteer-groups, then just do your share of reporting certain irregularities- that is if you see one- to such volunteer organizations or to the media. Such kind of volunteerism is necessary in securing the sanctity of election-results. Volunteerism for such election-watchdogs is another form of doing your patriotic duties.

When doing your patriotic responsibilities for clean elections, be sure that you can come up with reports that are unbiased and objective. Remember that loyalty to democratic principles is really a wonderful idea. Being true to democratic principles reflect the necessity of protecting one's own civil and human rights, since the main beneficiary of a truly-orderly and clean election is the individual citizen of the republic. Election-results reflect the realization of the expression of the general will of the nation when deciding to elect local and national leaders..... And the general will of the people or nation is just the collectivization of the expression of one individual human being to enjoy her or his own responsible freedoms and civil and human rights. Hence, safeguarding the whole election process is actually safeguarding the responsible freedoms, civil and human rights and democracy that we have here in the Philippines.

Even in our small ways, we can promote the notion that every electoral exercise in our country should be honest and clean. We can promote such idea all over the internet and to our acquaintances via our cell-phones. We can use the internet and the cell-phones in constantly reminding our families, relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, and other acquaintances of the morality of holding honest and clean elections. We should also remind ourselves of the duties that we can do for the holding of honest and clean elections in our country.

The Filipino people have to make use of every possible method in securing the sanctity of ballots during elections. We must keep on safeguarding the whole electoral process since it is our duty to do it so. Safeguarding the whole electoral process is actually safeguarding our constitution, responsible freedoms, civil and human rights, democracy and social stability as a nation.


I believe that even if there is no specific constitutional provision demanding the medical and psychological evaluations of presidential and vice-presidential candidates in a democratic republic, such evaluations should be mandatory due to the fact that the principle of social contract is a basic rule in maintaining the stability of a democratic republic. Social contract validates the ideal transparency of would-be candidates for the vice-presidency and the presidency when it comes to mental health, because the public should know if such candidates have the sanity to protect and secure their civil liberties, responsible freedoms, human rights, democracy and constitutional procedures. Hence, the Commission on Elections in a democratic republic can do mandatory psychological evaluations for all vice-presidential and presidential candidates by using the logic of social- contract. We know well that insanity may drive the chief executive of a democratic republic to go against the democratic rights of the citizenry….. and, therefore, it threatens the stability of all the constitutional processes of a democratic nation.

The insanity of a head of state of a democratic republic may even destroy the concept of a social contract between the elected government and the governed. We should not allow insanity to wreck havoc against the basic principles of a constitutional republic. An insane human being must first be cured of insanity before being allowed to run for either the vice-presidency or presidency. It would be a disaster for democratic rule to allow an insane human being be crowned as the new president-- even if such person hasn’t yet been cured of insanity. A chief executive experiencing bouts of mental disorder or insanity can lead to irrational governance, Irrational governance leads to anarchy and chaos. The only way that such a problem can be avoided in a democracy is when the Commission on Elections would do mandatory psychiatric evaluation for each vice-presidential and presidential candidate respectively. Such evaluations should be reported to the whole citizenry of a democratic republic. Such psychiatric examinations for vice-presidential and presidential candidate can delete out the probability of having an insane person as a chief executive. The citizenry of a democratic republic should always be vigilant in securing their nation from the dangers of such type of a problem.

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Why Will I Vote For Manny Villar?
By Anthony Corpuz

Over the years, political figures have come and gone. Some have retired, lost their bid for reelection, or passed away. But with the ever-changing face of Philippine politics, one name stands out ever strong and reliable --- SEN. MANNY VILLAR.

I grew up hearing his name mentioned from time to time. The image of him being the speaker of the house is etched in my memory. He has been a constant source of news, both good and bad. His achievements have been followed closely by critics and political analysts, and his flaws, like that of any other politician, have been feasted upon by detractors. But this has not daunted him to continue serving his fellowmen and country. His track record as a public servant is unparalleled. In 1992, he got elected as congressman of Las Pinas and had authored R.A. 8289, or the "New Magna Carta for Small and Medium Enterprises". He had also worked for the passage of the following: Clean Air Act, Retail Trade Liberalization Act, New Central Bank Act, New Securities Code, and New Banking Act. As a senator, he also authored the following laws: R.A. 9178 or the "Barangay Micro Business Enterprises Act"; R.A. 9189 or the "Oversees Absentee Voting Act"; R.A. 9208 or the "Anti-Trafficking of Persons Act, RA 9257"; and R.A. 9262 or the "Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act." In February 2004, he was elected as president of the Nacionalista Party, the oldest political party in the county.

Sen. Villar has also received numerous awards and recognition such as the Ten Outstanding Young Men in 1986, Agora Award for Marketing Management in 1989, Most Outstanding CPA by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 1990, and Most Outstanding UP alumnus in 1991.

But what makes him a striking politician to me is his humanitarian aspect. His advocacy on the welfare of the poor, the OFWs, women and children has earned him my utmost respect and admiration. I believe that the core of public servant's mission is his or her care for humanity.

I would not be surprised if Sen. Manny Villar will run for the presidency come 2010. His career has been carved so well in preparation for such tremendous job. The presidency is a challenge, no less, and with experience, dedication, and passion, I am certain that he would be able to carry the country to a new and greater height.

Why is he worth my vote? It's simple. He has earned my respect, admiration, and trust.

Anthony Corpuz is fan of Manny Villar, who wants to write for He believes Manny Villar can help propel the Philippines into a more progressive country.

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Noynoy Aquino is not an Obama-like presidential aspirant in the Philippines. He is not a charismatic public speaker. He didn't come from a low-middle class family. Noynoy Aquino was born rich and, as known by majority of Filipinos, a member of the land-owning aristocracy in his own provincial hometown. Noynoy Aquino isn't a member of any ethnic or racial minority in the Philippines. He is a rich boy who happens to be one of the main managers and owners of the controversial Hacienda Luisita (Luisita Farm).

As one of the main managers and owners of the Luisita Farm, he is known in such a place as some kind of a reactionary who seems to make very little action to alleviate the socio-economic status of the peasants and workers there. So far, the peasants and laborers in the Luisita Farm are among the poorest and most oppressed farmers and workers in the Philippines. Noynoy Aquino did not try anything new in the said hacienda that may reform the harsh social conditions of the farm-workers there. In other words, Noynoy Aquino didn’t come up with any new formula that may have helped to raise the standard of living of the farm-workers of Hacienda Luisita. That makes Noynoy Aquino a conservative landowner who seems not interested in introducing actual and real social reforms for the oppressed sectors of the Philippine society. That means Noynoy Aquino’s socio-political philosophy is quite different and diametrical to the socio-political ideals espoused by current U.S. President Barack Obama. The reasons are quite obvious.`

Benigno Simeon Aquino III (Noynoy Aquino) is nearly 50 years old- but remains unmarried and without children of his own. There are rumors that Noynoy Aquino might be gay. His gender- orientation is still a question-mark to most Filipinos. Noynoy has never admitted nor denied vehemently and publicly that he’s gay. Up to now, the question of Noynoy being a gay or not has not yet been fully-answered by Noynoy himself. On the other hand, I know well that Barack Obama’s integrity as a real man has never been questioned. I’m not being chauvinistic here….. but I would like to point out the indecisiveness of Noynoy Aquino to fully-answer or resolve the question of his gender-orientation. Believe me, I do believe that gays and lesbians have the same civil and human rights as those of heterosexual females and males. There’s nothing wrong in seeing a woman or man admitting that she or he is not heterosexual. It takes courage to admit one’s true gender-orientation.

I can’t see the logic of some of Noynoy’s political supporters comparing him to Obama when it comes to political ideas and rise to the presidential race. Noynoy Aquino and Barack Obama are two worlds apart when it comes to those basic political ideas, so to speak. Barack Obama was the very first Afro-American to get the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party in the USA.`And, as history has shown us, Obama was the very first Afro-American to gain the US presidency. Noynoy Aquino, as I’ve already pointed out, has never been and is not a member of any ethnic or racial minority in the Philippines. Obama worked his way up to finish his studies. Obama’s biography clearly shows the Cinderella-like rise to politics that he (Obama) has achieved through actual perspiration and hard work. Noynoy Aquino never really made great strides in gaining both congressional and senatorial seats. Noynoy Aquino was born with a silver spoon in and upon his mouth, so to speak. Things were really easy for Noynoy Aquino when he entered politics. Even his rise to the senate was just another easy-to-get position for Noynoy, since his family and relatives have dependable and easy political connections. Noynoy Aquino’s rise to political power was mainly due to the political-dynasty system and semi-feudal structures that still dominate lots of rural areas in the Philippines. Hence, Noynoy Aquino’s political career was a by-product of elitist and oligarchic mechanisms that still hover upon many Philippine provinces.

Noynoy Aquino’s own political career has never been that impressive! Noynoy didn’t produce any spectacular bill in both congress and senate that might have produced social and economic reforms benefiting the Filipino people. Noynoy Aquino has never participated actively in the relief-operations during past natural and human-made calamities that affected the Filipino nation. He never made strong stands and huge campaigns for certain causes during heated national debates about certain socio-political issues that once raged the Philippines in the past. Noynoy Aquino has never been seen walking upon flood-waters to help typhoon-victims during past storms that hit the Philippines. Noynoy Aquino has never been a stellar politician, so to speak.

It is true that Noynoy Aquino has admitted to the Filipino public that he’s a chain-smoker. Chain-smoking is a bad habit that one human being should dispose of. US Pres. Obama has already made tremendous lifestyle-changes to do away with chain-smoking. Noynoy Aquino can’t brag such habit! It would be a huge mistake for him to brag about such chain-smoking habit of his as something that he has in common with US Pres. Obama. US Pres. Obama has never bragged about such habit when he was still on the campaign-trail for the US presidency. Noynoy Aquino’s admission to the Filipino public that he has a chain-smoking problem (and he seems bragging about it) while in the middle of a campaign-trail to gain the Philippine presidency might cost him to lose many votes from non-smoking Filipinos.

Noynoy Aquino is another traditional politician wanting to gain the Philippine presidency. His reactionary policies against the farmers and workers of the Hacienda Luisita do reflect the traditional politics that he has espoused and is still espousing right now, Noynoy Aquino has never spoken out against the political-dynasty system and the semi-feudal structures that still dominate many provincial areas in the Philippines.

Noynoy Aquino is a traditional politician! It’s really up to the Filipino people to decide if Noynoy Aquino would win the 2010 Philippine presidential election. But I’m quite certain that Nioynoy Aquino is not an Obama-like presidential candidate for the 2010 Philippine presidential election. Noynoy is basically a traditional politician in the Philippines.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have conceived a political advocacy which I have termed as political abrogationism. Political abrogationism is merely advocating the abolition of all types of dictatorships, monarchist reigns and despotic regimes all over this globe through peaceful and lawful means. Political abrogationism also preaches that every culture, nation and social organization in this world should be democratized through peaceful and lawful means. I made this advocacy primarily because I believe that the wise citizens of this planet should always be ready to defend the reality that democracy, responsible freedoms and human rights are natural and universal for the humanity of this globe. I also believe that using non-violent means to reform social conditions is the correct and righteous way of doing revolutionary actions. In other words, I believe in the righteousness of transforming a society through peaceful and lawful means.

With that belief, I'm wishing that every social organization, including private firms and families, should openly embrace democracy to the fullest level. I see the advocacy of democracy and human rights in the world as merely reflecting the spiritual consciousness of possessing individuality and, at the same time, having true harmony with nature, universe, and the Kingdom of God. I believe in such perspective because of the fact that advocating democracy and human rights in the world is the same as promoting the individual integrity and goodness of every human being in the globe. Such also promotes the reality that an individual being on this planet needs to harmonize with the goodness of the whole universe.

I also believe that democracy was the very first socio-political system of the very first human communities on this planet before the monarchists and tyrants started dominating the ancient world. This is because of the fact that I know that the love for human rights, responsible freedoms, and civil liberties is truly-inherent in every human heart and mind. The illusion of gaining excessive power in a society is the main culprit in trying to extinguish the love for human rights, responsible freedoms, and civil liberties in this globe of ours. But if a human being will just meditate with and upon nature, he or she will realize that the love for human rights, responsible freedoms, and civil liberties is natural and universal for the whole humanity of this globe. It's no wonder that the revival for the advocacy of wanting to create a democratic republic in the ancient world started among the meditating monks in several Nepalese villages during the B.C.E. period. And, surprisingly, the Asians among the ancient Nepalese- from around 500 to 300 BCE- were the first to set up democratic republics in the civilized world. The white peoples of Nepal and the Indian sub-continent later copied the system of having a democratic republic in the ancient world. Such idea was later brought to ancient Greece and, after that, ancient Rome. During that period the then pioneers of Buddhism, including Gautama Siddharta (the Buddha) himself, helped in spreading and advancing the ideas and ideals of a democratic republic in the ancient world.

Again, I have to say that the desire of wanting to have a democracy is natural and universal for the humanity of this globe. And such desire will always flourish in every culture, nation and social organization in this globe of ours.

Political abrogationism merely reflects such desire of wanting to protect or have democracy among the humanity of this globe. I believe that this advocacy is merely accepting the goodness of the universe. Amen.