Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Is Aiming For Showbusiness.....


Sarah Palin to Host Alaska Reality-TV Series

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

Good news for Those Who Can't Get Enough of Saran Palin: The former Alaska governor – who's now a Fox News commentator, best-selling memoirist and Republican campaign machine – has a deal in the bag with the Discovery Channel, a source at the network confirms to PEOPLE.

According to everyone from Variety to The Washington Post, the series Sarah Palin's Alaska has been picked up for a reported $1-million-plus per episode. Variety says Palin's project with reality-TV rainmaker Mark Burnett "will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state – with the ex-VP candidate as a guide." A spokesman for Palin referred questions to Burnett's office, which did not return requests for comment. Neither did a Discovery spokesperson.

With reporting by KATE COYNE



That's good news for the fans of Sarah Palin. That means even if Mrs. Palin couldn't or wouldn't make it to the Republican primaries, at least she will be still an icon to her legions and legions of fans. That also would mean Jan Brewer getting an opportunity to edge out probable opponents easily if she decides to compete for the Republican primaries.

I know that it's still early to talk about it..... but I do have this intuition that somehow many supporters and fans of Mrs. Sarah Palin are convincing her to run for president in year 2012. I think Mrs. Palin is currently busy with her showbiz career to take such challenge seriously. As of now, since many showbiz offers are in front of Sarah Palin, the challenge for her to be the standard-bearer of the Republican Party in 2012 is not a viable option. I think Mrs. Palin would fare better in show-business than in politics. The showbiz world needs her charms.

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