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Obama makes history; turns to sobering challenges


Obama makes history; turns to sobering challenges

By TERENCE HUNT, Associated Press Writer Terence Hunt, Associated Press Writer – November 5, 2008WASHINGTON –

His name etched in history as America's first black president, Barack Obama turned from the jubilation of victory to the sobering challenge of leading a nation worried about economic crisis, two unfinished wars and global uncertainty.

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned.

Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated Republican John McCain to become the first African-American destined to sit in the Oval Office, America's 44th president. He was the first Democrat to receive more than 50 percent of the popular vote since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

"It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this date in this election at this defining moment, change has come to America," Obama told a victory rally of 125,000 people jammed into Chicago's Grant Park.

Obama scored an Electoral College landslide that redrew America's political map. He won states that reliably voted Republican in presidential elections, like Indiana and Virginia, which hadn't supported the Democratic candidate in 44 years. Ohio and Florida, key to Bush's twin victories, also went for Obama, as did Pennsylvania, which McCain had deemed crucial for his election hopes.

With just 76 days until the inauguration, Obama is expected to move quickly to begin assembling a White House staff and selecting Cabinet nominees.

Campaign officials said Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel was the front-runner to be Obama's chief of staff. The advisers spoke on a condition of anonymity because the announcement had not yet been made.

Democrats expanded their majority in both houses of Congress. In the Senate, Democrats ousted Republicans Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and John Sununu of New Hampshire and captured seats held by retiring GOP senators in Virginia, New Mexico and Colorado. Still, the GOP blocked a complete rout, holding the Kentucky seat of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and a Mississippi seat once held by Trent Lott — two top Democratic targets.

In the House, with fewer than a dozen races still undecided, Democrats captured Republican-held seats in the Northeast, South and West and were on a path to pick up as many as 20 seats.

When Obama and running mate Joe Biden take their oath of office on Jan. 20, Democrats will control both the White House and Congress for the first time since 1994.

"It is not a mandate for a party or ideology but a mandate for change," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said: "Tonight the American people have called for a new direction. They have called for change in America."

After the longest and costliest campaign in U.S. history, Obama was propelled to victory by voters dismayed by eight years of George W. Bush's presidency and deeply anxious about rising unemployment and home foreclosures and a battered stock market that has erased trillions of dollars of savings for Americans.

Six in 10 voters picked the economy as the most important issue facing the nation in an Associated Press exit poll. None of the other top issues — energy, Iraq, terrorism and health care — was selected by more than one in 10. Obama has promised to cut taxes for most Americans, get the United States out of Iraq and expand health care, including mandatory coverage for children.

Obama acknowledged that repairing the economy and dealing with problems at home and overseas will not happen quickly. "We may not get there in one year or even in one term," he said. "But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you, we as a people will get there."

McCain conceded defeat shortly after 11 p.m. EST, telling supporters outside the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, "The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly."

"This is an historic election, and I recognize the special significance it has for African-Americans and the special pride that must be theirs tonight," McCain said. "These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face."

Obama faces a staggering list of problems, and he mentioned some of them in his victory speech. "Even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime — two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century." He spoke of parents who worry about paying their mortgages and medical bills.

"There will be setbacks and false starts," Obama said. "There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president. And we know the government can't solve every problem."

The son of a Kenyan father and a white mother from Kansas, the 47-year-old Obama has had a startlingly rapid rise, from lawyer and community organizer to state legislator and U.S. senator, now just four years into his first term. He is the first senator elected to the White House since John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Bush called Obama with congratulations at 11:12 p.m. EST. "I promise to make this a smooth transition," the president said. "You are about to go on one of the great journeys of life. Congratulations and go enjoy yourself." He invited Obama and his family to visit the White House soon.

Bush planned to make a statement about the election at midmorning Wednesday in the Rose Garden.

With most U.S. precincts tallied, the popular vote was 51.9 percent for Obama and 46.8 percent for McCain. But the count in the Electoral College was lopsided in Obama's favor over McCain — 349 to 147 as of early Wednesday, with three states still to be decided. Those were North Carolina, Georgia and Missouri.

Obama won California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

McCain had Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. He also won at least 3 of Nebraska's five electoral votes, with the other two in doubt.

Almost six in 10 women supported Obama nationwide, while men leaned his way by a narrow margin, according to interviews with voters. Just over half of whites supported McCain, giving him a slim advantage in a group that Bush carried overwhelmingly in 2004.

The results of the AP survey were based on a preliminary partial sample of nearly 10,000 voters in Election Day polls and in telephone interviews over the past week for early voters.

In terms of turnout, America voted in record numbers. It looks like 136.6 million Americans will have voted for president this election, based on 88 percent of the country's precincts tallied and projections for absentee ballots, said Michael McDonald of George Mason University. Using his methods, that would give 2008 a 64.1 percent turnout rate.

"That would be the highest turnout rate that we've seen since 1908," which was 65.7 percent, McDonald said early Wednesday.


It's now time for America to move on..... It's now time for Obama to get ready with his new role in governance. OBAMA IS THE MAN OF THE HOUR! OBAMA IS THE MAN! CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHELLE OBAMA! CONGRATULATIONS TO SIR BARACK OBAMA! AMEN.

_____Rummel Pinera

Monday, October 06, 2008


OCTOBER 7, 2008

"The Democratic Party Should Overwhelmingly Win The Coming US Elections"

It is really obvious that the Democratic Party today represents the force of progressive social change for the American people. Today’s Dems are known to be advocates of full racial equality, safety nets for the working class in an economy facing tough challenges, support for proper green laws that will truly-protect the natural environment from human-made excesses, the mass-production of alternative energy sources, the curtailing of advertisements promoting vices, and other morally-correct campaigns that will benefit the whole American society. Today’s Dems are also promising the Iraqi nation that they will regain within this decade their sovereign will as a people dedicated to constitutional democracy. Hence, today’s Democrats really represent the force of progressive social change for the American people.

Today’s Republicans, that is on the other side of the equation, seemingly represent the force of reactionary measures in America. Today’s Republican Party is vehemently against the idea that the American government should sign the treaty regarding the limitation of carbon emissions. Aside from that one, today’s Republican Party is also against the following: 1.) Furtherance of strong measures to curtail environmental degradations; 2.) The complete banning of ads that promote vices; 3.) The welfare-proposals for the working class in an economy that is now facing serious problems. It also seems that today’s Republican Party is against giving back to the Iraqi nation within this century the real sovereignty that they once have. Hence, today’s Republican Party seemingly represents the force of reactionary politics in America.

The American people today should be wise enough to give the Democrats the victory that they deserve in the coming US elections this November. The American people must ensure that the Dems would gain the majority seats in both the senate and congress in the coming US elections. The American people should vote this year for the representatives of progressive social change in their country’s legislature. Progressive legislation is necessary in an economy that seems to be declining. The American people should remember that the current Republican (GWB’s) administration is partly (some say ‘fully’) responsible to the creation of current economic problems that the US is facing today. Hence, it would be wise for the American voters to ensure the overwhelming victory of the Democrats in the coming November elections. The Dems should therefore gain the majority seats in both the senate and congress.

I think Republican Party also has to change from within. It has to become open to progressive processes and changes that this modern world really needs. No political party in the world has to remain stagnant on introducing progressive changes and plans for a society. The Republican Party in the US also needs to change from within.

The American people must also ensure that Obama wins the coming US presidential election. The American voters know that Obama is the standard-bearer of today’s Democratic Party. Obama today is carrying the main banner of the Democratic Party, so to speak. It is only proper that American voters elect a presidential candidate who really represents creative social progress for the USA….. And the only presidential candidate in America today that represents creative social progress is no other than Barack Obama. It’s definitely not McCain! Obama has long been campaigning for progressive social changes in America long before he officially joined politics. Obama is the man! He deserves to be America’s next president after GWB. Obama is really for global peace, harmony and cooperation. Cheers for Obama! Obama shall surely win the coming U.S. presidential election. Amen.


OCTOBER 7, 2008


Though his paternal roots came from a once-subjugated land,
Barack grew up with a staunch and stunning mind.
His adolescence never insulted his own intelligence;
He blossomed as a twinkling youth with notable achievements!

He dipped his hands into various causes and noble works
And, with courage, walked upon hungry streets and crawling parks.
He did win for himself the thunderous admiration
Of the world's wise people who really despise oppression.

Obama's slender, clear and soothing voice
Gives out so many charming and amusing notes
That can musically please his throngs and legions of fans!
Barack can seemingly perform a superb healing trance.

He tenaciously built terraces of hopes and visions where
Progress can really climb upon to reach greater heights and win
The glorious haven of success. Obama can rejoice
And work with the whole wide world for such stairs to flourish.

Obama's righteous and wise ideas can securely dwell
In and upon the scholarly books that act as real
Banks for mental treasures of this world. Obama is
A great and charming man in a world that freely spins.

___________by Rummel Pinera


I'm urging the Filipino people here in the Philippines to request and ask our relatives and friends in the U.S.A. to support, back up and rally for Barack's bid to become the next US president to succeed GWB. We Filipinos should also urge our relatives and friends in the U.S.A. to vote for Obama and ensure that the Democrats will overwhelmingly win in the coming US general elections.


This poem isn't about Sarah Palin..... But I do dedicate this to her since the poem might give her some great insights on statesmanship and politics.

"Saron Fallion"

Saron Fallion drives his horses excellently;
His devotion to horsemanship is piety
That could never be broken by any heresy!
Saron treats his horses like a one-man army
Standing up proudly for his own country.

But one day he came across a motorbike;
His eyes stared at such thing with emotional spike.....
And started longing to drive it along the hike.
Days passed by, but the said longing lingered in his heart;
Such desire was one day given a scratch.

One day the bike's owner challenged him to drive his iron-tug;
Saron dared the challenge and rode upon that bug.
Saron thought the bike was only a horse dressed up in armor;
He whispered something to it as though it can hear.....
And he even talked to it without any fear.

He started to sweat when the engines roared;
The bike's smokes hurled the dusts all around
The highway. Then Saron moved like a frightened kid
About to be dragged by a bloody beast;
Then he hit his ride into a macho tree.

Saron luckily survived such wild and horrendous crash;
His alert brain saved his big ass from being bloodied into the grass.
Since then he became modest in trying to learn new concepts;
He thus learned that learning must truly and really shine
And grow up before it can become a skill and a goldmine.

______________by Rummel Pinera

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain’s VP Choice Is Under Ethics Investigation For Abuse Of Power In Alaska


McCain’s VP Choice Is Under Ethics Investigation For Abuse Of Power In Alaska

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By Matt on Aug 28th, 2008 at 11:33 a.m.....

McCain’s VP Choice Is Under Ethics Investigation For Abuse Of Power In Alaska»
In Dayton, OH today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will announce that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be his vice presidential running mate. Palin, who entered office in 2006 after running as a reformer, is touted by conservatives as being “a politician of eye-popping integrity.”
But Palin’s reformer image took a hit last month when she was
accused of attempting to get a state trooper fired. That state trooper was her former brother-in-law who had gone through “a messy divorce” with her sister. After the trooper’s boss wouldn’t act on the governor’s request, she fired him. Though Palin says she doesn’t “have anything to hide” and she “didn’t do anything wrong there,” an investigation has found that one of her aides pushed the firing:
Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday revealed an audio recording that shows an aide pressuring the Public Safety Department to fire a state trooper embroiled in a custody battle with her sister.

Palin, who has previously said her administration didn’t exert pressure to get rid of trooper Mike Wooten, also disclosed that members of her staff had made about two dozen contacts with public safety officials about the trooper.
Palin’s scandal envelops her in the
constellation of scandal-plagued lawmakers currently serving in Alaska. Here’s a brief overview:
Sen. Ted Stevens: Last month, long-serving Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was
indicted by a federal grand jury “with seven counts of making false statements for failing to disclose” gifts of over $250,000 from the oil services company VECO Corp.

State Sen. Ben Stevens (R): The senator’s son, Stevens is being
investigated by the FBI for his involvement in “an alleged payment scheme involving fisheries legislation brought by his father.” When VECO’s Bill Allen “pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy charges, he stated that almost a quarter of a million dollars in consulting fees paid to the younger Stevens was in fact bribery.”

Rep. Don Young (R): Last year, it was revealed that the senior House Republican was “
under criminal investigation” involving “possible political favors for a company in Alaska.” In April, Young’s legal fees exceeded $1 million.
Last week, Palin placed her boards and commissions director, Frank Bailey, on paid leave while the investigation into the suspect firing

UPDATE: In 2006, Sen. Ted Stevens
endorsed Palin. Watch his ad endorsing her:
UpdateLast month, after Stevens was indicted, Palin
refused to call for his resignation, saying that he had "dedicated his life to the betterment of the state." She had previously called for another indicted lawmaker to resign.


Maybe McCain should have had chosen Condy Rice as his veep rather than Palin. People sometimes do make wrong moves. Maybe McCain made a wrong move on his choice of a veep.

Palin should courageously face an impeachment process to disprove the allegation.

_____Rummel Pinera

Big Jon Wants To Cage The World

"Big Jon Wants To Cage The World"

Big Jon wants to cage the world!
He wants to cage every bird,
So everyone of its kind
Can sing what he wants to hear!

Big Jon wants to cage every nation;
He wants every country of this planet
To obey his whims and caprices!
Such dream is as fierce as Jon's own fears.

When Big Jon finally realized that the world
Always wants to be free and that the bold
Among humanity would gladly defend global freedom,
Big Jon himself went inside to his own monumental cage.
He later turned that huge cage into his own small kingdom.

The longing for freedom is always loud
And sane to every nation of this world!
A man who loses his sense of freedom upon this planet
Actually loses his sense of sanity in his own heart.
No sane human would reside inside a cage!

_____by Rummel Pinera

One Century Of Tyranny And Slavery

"One Century Of Tyranny And Slavery"


Can one human being toil for

One whole century under slavery?

That would make him a machine

Working in routines so effectively,

But without any idea of what is dignity.


One century of tyranny

Would downgrade a citizenry

Into becoming mere machinery

That could not define sanity,

Dignity and the outright ability

To enjoy responsible freedoms, civil rights,

And the wonderful and glorious human rights.


No nation on earth would want to be under

One whole century of tyranny or

Slavery! Statesmanship should honor the

Shining sacredness of sovereignty

Of every country and nation of this globe.

___________by Rummel Pinera

Monday, September 15, 2008



Some world leaders gather stones to build
Camps and barracks for wars of conquest;
Such sowing of hatred surely garners
Raging hatred, revenge and awesome fears!

Some world leaders gather stones to build
Halls and shelters for global harmony and love;
Such sowing of harmony and love on the globe
Garners goodwill, blessings, harmony, peace and love!

It's wise for world leaders to gather stones
For the building of powerful bridges
That will link regions and nations
Together for global peace, harmony and cooperation

___________by Rummel Pinera




Before putting the empire's crown upon your head,
Figure out that other nations and peoples also have
The same freedoms that you have; and you had said
That you will protect, cherish and love
All the freedoms that you have..... So why now
You want to put the other nations' freedoms
Into stiff cages? Many nations may vow
In front of you; but the desire for freedom comes
Into every human mind every then and now!
Remember that someone conquered the world with might;
But had still lost his soul into hell without a fight!

Living a holy lifetime is simply living
In harmony with all humanity, nations
And the whole universe..... And it's true that having
Personal salvation is living a holy lifetime!
Living a truly-holy and really-happy lifetime is
Living eternally in this world and in the whole universe.

_____________________by Rummel Pinera

Palin: War in Iraq, response to 9/11

Palin: War in Iraq, response to 9/11 Sat, 13 Sep 2008 16:23:07 GMT

Republican vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin has renewed the discredited claim that the war in Iraq was a response to the 9/11 attacks. Addressing a brigade of soldiers heading to Iraq, Governor Palin said they would 'defend the innocent from the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the death of thousands of Americans.' This is while the view that Iraq shared responsibility with al-Qaeda for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has even been discredited by the Bush administration. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney made a false claim on NBC that Iraq had been the 'geographic base' for the attacks. However, President George W. Bush acknowledged on September 17, 2003 that, "We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the 11 September attacks." Since she became the Republican vice presidential nominee, Gov. Palin has been widely criticized over her fitness for office and her knowledge of foreign policy. CS/HGH
http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=69321&sectionid=3510203 .


"Truth's Validity"

Even if solid truth has been locked up in jail,
The truth can liquify or turn into a hale
And free itself without bargaining into sale.
The validity of truth shall never fail;
And its precious worth or value is not for sale!

----------- by Rummel Pinera

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I see both McCain and Obama as two excellent presidential candidates for America. I think this is the first time that the two main contenders for the US presidency are both populists, progressives and ideological environmentalists. In fact, I admire both of them. I praised and cheered for McCain on many internet forums during the Republican primaries. I did bet then on the internet that McCain will win the Republican primaries. And McCain did win the official Republican nomination for the US presidency. I also praised and cheered for Obama upon so many internet forums during the Democratic primaries. I wrote many pro-Obama pieces all over the internet in advocating the fact that he (Obama) deserves to be the official nominee of the Democrats for the US presidency. And I'm glad that Obama did win the Democratic primaries. I'm really happy that McCain and Obama won their respective primaries.

This is now the period when both McCain and Obama are presenting their respective agendas, cases and political programs to the American people, so that one of them will be properly elected to the White House. I can say with optimism that a victory by either one of them will make America become more progressive and prosperous in terms of wealth, economics, socio-political stability, global leadership and technological and scientific advances. Both McCain and Obama have outstanding leadership qualities that will properly guide the USA and, to a certain extent, the whole free world in facing the current challenges and crises that are now threatening the current global civilization that we humans have. Both McCain and Obama are responsible enough to help the whole world in resolving the environmental degradations that the whole humanity is facing right now.

John McCain's cultural and political image has been presented by Wikipedia in this way:

'John McCain's personal character has been a dominant feature of his public image. This image includes the military service of both himself and his family, his maverick political persona, his temper, his admitted problem of occasional ill-considered remarks, and his close ties to his children from both his marriages.

McCain's political appeal has been more nonpartisan and less ideological compared to many other national politicians. His stature and reputation stem partly from his service in the Vietnam War. He also carries physical vestiges of his war wounds, as well as his melanoma surgery. When campaigning, he quips: "I am older than dirt and have more scars than Frankenstein."

The Arizona senator considers himself to be a straight-talking public servant, and acknowledges also being impatient. Other traits include a penchant for lucky charms, a fondness for hiking, and a sense of humor that has sometimes backfired spectacularly, as when he made a joke in 1998 about the Clintons that was not fit to print in newspapers. McCain has not shied away from addressing his shortcomings, and apologizing for them. He is known for sometimes being prickly and hot-tempered with Senate colleagues, but his relations with his own Senate staff have been more cordial, and have inspired loyalty towards him.

Regarding his temper, McCain acknowledges it while also saying that the stories have been exaggerated. Having a temper is not unusual for U.S. leaders, nor is it unusual for leaders to be passionate and engaged. McCain has employed both profanity and shouting on occasion, and such incidents have become less frequent over the years. Senator Joe Lieberman has made this observation: "It is not the kind of anger that is a loss of control. He is a very controlled person." Senator Thad Cochran, who has known McCain for decades and has battled him over earmarks, has expressed concern about a McCain presidency: "He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me." Ultimately Cochran decided to support McCain for president, after it was clear he would win the nomination.

All of John McCain's family members are on good terms with him, and he has defended them against some of the negative consequences of his high-profile political lifestyle. His family's military tradition extends to the latest generation: son John Sidney IV ("Jack") is enrolled in the U.S. Naval Academy, son James has served with the Marines in Iraq, and son Doug flew jets in the Navy."'
_____ Taken from (Main article: Cultural and political image of John McCain ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McCain .

Obama's cultural and political image has been presented by Wikipeida in this way:

'With his Kenyan father and white American mother, his upbringing in Honolulu and Jakarta, and his Ivy League education, Obama's early life experiences differ markedly from those of African American politicians who launched their careers in the 1960s through participation in the civil rights movement.

In January 2007, The End of Blackness author Debra Dickerson warned against drawing favorable cultural implications from Obama's political rise: "Lumping us all together," Dickerson wrote in Salon, "erases the significance of slavery and continuing racism while giving the appearance of progress." Film critic David Ehrenstein, writing in a March 2007 Los Angeles Times article, compared the cultural sources of Obama's favorable polling among whites to those of "magical negro" roles played by black actors in Hollywood movies. Expressing puzzlement over questions about whether he is "black enough," Obama told an August 2007 meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists that the debate is not about his physical appearance or his record on issues of concern to black voters. Obama said, "we're still locked in this notion that if you appeal to white folks then there must be something wrong."

In a December 2006 Wall Street Journal editorial headlined "The Man from Nowhere," Ronald Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan advised "establishment" commentators to avoid becoming too quickly excited about Obama's still early political career. Echoing the inaugural address of John F. Kennedy, Obama acknowledged his youthful image, saying in an October 2007 campaign speech, "I wouldn't be here if, time and again, the torch had not been passed to a new generation."

A prominent part of Obama's political image is a belief that Obama's rhetoric and actions toward political reform are matched with a political savvy that often includes a measure of expediency. In a July 2008 The New Yorker feature article, for example, Ryan Lizza wrote, "(Obama) campaigns on reforming a broken political process, yet he has always played politics by the rules as they exist, not as he would like them to exist."

Although Obama is Christian, July 2008 polls have shown that some Americans believe incorrectly that he is Muslim or was raised Muslim . When CNN's Larry King cited the latter poll, Obama responded, "...I wasn't raised in a Muslim home," and said that advancement of the misconception insulted Muslim Americans.' ______
Taken from (Main article: Cultural and political image of Barack Obama ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama .

McCain is still the usual politician that most Americans easily identify with. Obama, because he's bi-racial, young and daring when it comes to accepting new ideas, signifies a new shift away from the traditional political standards that Americans have long been familiar with. That's why the word 'change' has always been dramatically expressed in the Obama presidential-campaign trail. While it is true that McCain is really open to many liberal and new ideas, it can't be denied that Obama represents a shift when it comes to the usual political traditions that Americans have long known for years and even centuries.

McCain wants a tough confrontation against so-called Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq. But the actual Al Qaeda is not in Iraq right now..... And many Americans know that the real Al Qaeda is hiding somewhere between the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. McCain wants the US to rule Iraq for one century. I know that the American people have the sovereign will to make decisions for their own country. And no foreign ruler has a privilege to tell to the American people on how to run their own country. But I hope that the American people will also respect the right of the Iraqi people to be a sovereign nation of their own will and choosing. I'm not suggestying that the U.S. should completely abandon Iraq as a nation moving towards democracy and progress. But I do think that the U.S. Imperialists should completely abandon the occupation of Iraq. Occupying Iraq for 100 years and dictating policies on its people for one whole century don't fit into the moral category of respecting the sovereign will of an independent nation. Such maneuvers will only make foreign rule a tyrannical force inside Iraq. What Iraq needs is close partnership with the whole of the Free World to march towards democracy and progress. What Iraq needs is guidance from the International Community to improve its socio-political and economic conditions. What Iraq needs is coordination with the Free World to defend itself from terrorist forces. Occupying Iraq for 100 years is another way of imposing tyrannical foreign rule over a sovereign people..... And such occupation would certainly be an immoral thing.

McCain seems also dedicated to the idea that somehow the U.S. has the privilege to go beyond the limits that had been set by international law. McCain seems to believe that the U.N. Org has now lost its dignity to be the guiding agency for respecting international law. Hence, he seems to imply that his would-be presidential reign may go against the standards set upon by the United Nations. But we have to remember that the U.N. Organization is the only well-established international alliance today that can maintain the global balance towards respecting international law. It would take many years before some people can set up another organization that may take the place of the U.N. as an international agency dedicated to maintaining the respect for international law. And McCain is no superman who can instantly set up another huge global alliance that can take the place of the United Nations right away.

On the other hand, Obama is seen by many citizens of this planet as a rational, empirical and pragmatic leader who can work gladly with every country in this world for global peace, harmony and cooperation. Obama is also seem by many citizens of this world as someone who can effectively work with the U.N. Organization in promoting free trade and democracy through peaceful and lawful means to the so-called backward countries and regions of this globe.

Obama is also considered by I.Q. experts as one of the smartest presidential candidates that the U.S. nation has ever have when it comes to actual I.Q. measurements. That makes Obama some kind of a genius as a human being. McCain is a veteran politician who made many wise political decisions in the past as U.S. senator. I believe that both McCain and Obama are great intellectuals. I think that Americans should be quite joyful that they now have two amazing gentlemen- McCain and Obama- vying to be as their next chief executive. Both McCain and Obama are great progressives. Both of them are highly-qualified people for the highest political position in the United States. November 4, 2008 would be a wonderful day for the American people to choose their new chief executive who will succeed George W. Bush. Both McCain and Obama represent catalyst influences that can hasten socio-political progress throughout the whole globe.

But I believe it is Obama who can really make a difference when it comes to representing the America to the the global community of nations. Obama can work in a truly-comfortable and compatible way with the sincere forces that represent global peace, harmony and cooperation in this world. Obama is the leader America needs in a world that is presently being threatened by forces that want to destroy international law and the current global civilization that humans have right now.

Pakistan Has To Democratically Move On As A Nation

Musharraf resigns: Global reaction

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has announced that he is resigning. He had faced impeachment by parliament on charges of violating the constitution and gross misconduct, which he has denied. Here BBC website readers from around the world give their reaction to the news.

President Pervez Musharraf announces his resignation

President Musharraf is a classical example of a democratic leader. He will forever remain a model to most of us, holding the tenets and ideals of democracy in the 21st century. Mr Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Bwana Mwai Kibaki (Kenya) and other illegitimate and power hungry leaders can learn from President Musharraf. Nyambati Aori, Florida, USA

I was shocked to see that President Musharraf has stepped down. I have seen many good things happening in the President's tenure. In my opinion Musharraf was a thousand times better then the other party or religious leaders. If the government and the other parties say that Mr Musharraf is accountable for what he did, then I believe that the current parties should also look back to the past at what they have done, and they should also be held accountable for what they have done. Mahmood Ahmad, Vancouver, Canada

Musharraf should have resigned long ago. He might have been an able leader but the way he functioned and the way that his government functioned is dictatorial. If he worked for the interest of the country then he should have tried his best to bring back democracy. Statesmanship does not mean suppressing your opponents. Musharraf should be blamed for his own fall. But the question is how long will democracy function in Pakistan, in a country which is famous for coup d'etat? Stan Rodrigues, Newark, USA

Pervez Musharraf's resignation is a welcome development and is long overdue. He has plunged Pakistan into a deep mess that will take a very long time to clean up. My congratulations to the people of Pakistan. Joshua, Lagos, Nigeria

Coalition leaders Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif
It is good to know hard hearts can still have a rethink in this new age of politics and government in the world. This should be seen as a great beginning for Pakistan, though the greatness could be negative or positive depending on the people in the seat of power. My country has really improved since the exit of the military men which I believe Musharraf is. Martin, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I think that Musharraf is right to resign. After a good job done for his country, it's fair that he takes a rest. The coalition government must move very fast to establish its authority over the issue of terrorism, otherwise it will not last longer than Musharraf. At least he goes in peace, and probably the first to be replaced alive. I wish him a better future. Antonio Simango, Maputo, Mozambique

God help us now, we have welcomed the feudal system back to power. Sure Musharraf made decisions that were appalling, but anything is better than bringing those old feudal parties back in. Economic decision making is down the hill and the public's hunger for political news is the only thing that is being fulfilled. Hope is what keeps everyone going, lets hope the new government can at least bring in think tanks and better (much better!) decision makers. Zulfiqar Ali, The Hague, Netherlands

I just hope that Pakistan can maintain a democratic spirit One suspects that no politician would like to go through an impeachment process and then be kicked out, but many hang onto power and have to then be levered out... see Mugabe. So the best choice is to get out now and maybe enjoy a long retirement or some well-endowed consultancy work. I am not sad to see Mr Musharraf go, on the other hand, I just hope that Pakistan can maintain a democratic spirit in the face of many challenges economic, political and social. Anthony Radkai, Basel, Switzerland

It is good that the President has decided to resign as it reflects the will of the people. However, he should not be tried for the crimes as the 'charge sheet' of the current alliance government states. Such a trial would be a trial of personal vendettas. The current alliance government has many charges that they requested be waived when the elections where held. So let bygones be bygones and take the country to its rightful economic and social power. Qasim Khan, Moscow, Russian Federation

This is something that was somewhat expected but not this soon. Musharraf as someone else also said was cleaning up a 49 year old mess and we needed him then and we still need him. If someone comes into power now, it must be someone who can do better than Musharraf because that is what Pakistan needs right now. We will need all the luck we can get to find someone better than him! Sarim Tirmizi, Vienna, Austria

He has played all his cards. Time to step down before a coup, as usual, does the inevitable. It is also a good opportunity to see whether Pakistan is on the right track to real democracy, or it is only playing to settle scores, vendetta style. Ali Zaid, Sana'a, Yemen

He was a misfit in Pakistan, a straight talking honest person who did everything for Pakistan. Only time will tell. I am sad to lose a man like him. I have no faith in the future of Pakistan.
Siraj Ahsan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

He should have resigned two months earlier or the day election results were declared. In this way he would have maintained respect. In the present situation even the majority of women in Pakistan who are not interested in politics are also talking against Musharraf. One thing I will say is he is the one who made media free in the country. The current Government must put him on the stand, so in future none of the Generals can organise a coup. Generals should improve their occupation as soldiers, able to defend the borders of the country. Sohail Nazir , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

President Musharraf was the best thing that happened to Pakistan, he brought Pakistan forward and during his power Pakistan gained a better name among the nations of the world. He was an intelligent leader who protected the rights of minorities especially Christians. The public has no idea what they have done by supporting anti-Musharraf parties. Today is a black day in the history of Pakistan. Asher Aneel Khokhar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Musharraf ruled with an iron fist and made despotic policies throughout his reign..... But the wise people of the world should commend Musharraf for allowing the return of democracy in his country without giving out strong resistance for such a momentum.

It's time now for the Pakistani people to move on with their democratic gains. It's true that there are still questions on how to deal with the so-called victims of Musharraf's iron-fist rule. The newly-restored democratic procedures and processes inside Pakistan will determine the ultimate solution to the so-called victims of human-rights' violations during Musharraf's reign as Pakistan's dictator or strongman. The Pakistani people have to move on now with their quest to further socio-political progress and democratic gains within their country.

Musharraf made the decision to resign from the presidency. He should be commended for allowing the return of democracy in Pakistan. His example should give hope to those who are right now struggling peacefully and lawfully to democratize their countries in the Islamic world. Musharraf made a bold and nice political decision to give way to real democracy in his own nation.

Musharraf resigns as president of Pakistan

by Staff Writers

Islamabad (AFP) Aug 19, 2008Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigned on Monday, bringing down the curtain on nine turbulent years of US-backed rule to avoid the first impeachment in the nuclear-armed nation's history.

The former army chief, who seized power in a 1999 coup, announced the move in a lengthy televised address. He rejected the charges against him but said he wanted to spare Pakistan a damaging battle with the ruling coalition.

"After viewing the situation and consulting legal advisers and political allies, with their advice I have decided to resign," Musharraf, wearing a sober suit and tie, said near the end of his one-hour address.

"I leave my future in the hands of the people."
Celebrations erupted across the country after Musharraf bowed out, yet it was far from certain what would come next for a nation whose role in the "war on terror" has been increasingly questioned by Washington.

The White House said US President George W. Bush thanked Musharraf for his commitment against extremism and he would keep working with Pakistan's government.

Musharraf's decision to quit came after the coalition said it was ready to press ahead with impeachment as early as Tuesday on charges that reportedly included violating the constitution.
It was not known if he had concluded a deal that would save him from either going into exile or from facing prosecution in the days ahead. The coalition made no comment on his fate.

Coalition leaders Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of slain ex-premier Benazir Bhutto, and Nawaz Sharif, who was ousted by Musharraf in 1999, were shown shaking hands and smiling after his speech but gave no immediate reaction.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani said it was a "historic day."
"Today we have buried dictatorship for ever," Gilani said in a special sitting of parliament. Pakistani stocks jumped more than four percent on the news of Musharraf's resignation.
Musharraf, 65, appealed for reconciliation after his departure.

"If we continue with the politics of confrontation, we will not save the country," he said. "People will never pardon this government if they fail to do so."

Several close aides said Musharraf was not set to go into exile as several of Pakistan's former leaders have done. "He is not going anywhere," one aide said.

Senate chairman Mohammedmian Soomro will act as caretaker president until an election, which is expected in the next few weeks.

Musharraf's troubles began last year when he sacked senior judges who opposed him, clearing the way for his re-election while still holding a dual role as head of the country's powerful armed forces.

The move set off mass protests in the streets that built into a national crisis which saw Musharraf declare a state of emergency in November.

But he was compelled to quit as army chief within weeks, and after the December assassination of Bhutto, voters handed his opponents a massive victory in general elections in February.

"After the martyrdom of my mother I said that democracy was the best revenge -- and today it was proved true," said Bhutto's 19-year-old son, Bilawal.

In Musharraf's speech, however, he strongly defended every aspect of his time in power -- even the coup nine years ago.

He said he had improved a tottering economy, helped establish law and order, fostered democracy and burnished the country's international stature.

"On the map of the world Pakistan is now an important country, by the grace of Allah," Musharraf said.

The president was also backed into a corner by the resurgence of Islamic militants in the tribal areas along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, who launched a massive wave of attacks last year that left more than 1,000 dead.

Musharraf himself survived three assassination attempts and went from being a backer of the Taliban to a close US ally after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Cheering crowds poured into the streets in major cities across the country of 170 million people -- the second most populous Islamic nation and the only one with an atom bomb -- after he stepped down.

World leaders from Britain to Japan urged stability and unity in Pakistan, and called on Islamabad to continue its fight against extremism.

"President Bush is committed to a strong Pakistan that continues its efforts to strengthen democracy and fight terror," US National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said in a statement.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called Musharraf in a statement "a friend to the United States and one of the world's most committed partners in the war against terrorism and extremism."


It's about time that Pakistan ventures as a nation into new frontiers and horizons on embracing the reality of democracy. The Pakistani people should be congratulated for the peaceful return of democracy in their country. Such peaceful and lawful process of rediscovering democracy by the Pakistani people is a real inspiration for all the other peoples in this world who are now struggling for the quest to either gain or regain democracy in their respective countries. Such example in Pakistan should bolster the peaceful and lawful struggle for democratization of every country in this modern world. Congratulations to the Pakistani people!! Liberty is now smiling at the Pakistani nation.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

House apologizes for slavery and Jim Crow.....McCain should do his own.....


House apologizes for slavery and Jim Crow
Resolution does not mention reparations; commits to rectifying 'misdeeds'

Associated Press

updated 7:23 p.m. ET July 29, 2008

WASHINGTON - The House on Tuesday issued an unprecedented apology to black Americans for the wrongs committed against them and their ancestors who suffered under slavery and Jim Crow segregation laws.

"Today represents a milestone in our nation's efforts to remedy the ills of our past," said Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Mich., chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.
The resolution, passed by voice vote, was the work of Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen, the only white lawmaker to represent a majority black district. Cohen faces a formidable black challenger in a primary face-off next week.

Congress has issued apologies before — to Japanese-Americans for their internment during World War II and to native Hawaiians for the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom in 1893. In 2005, the Senate apologized for failing to pass anti-lynching laws.

Five states have issued apologies for slavery, but past proposals in Congress have stalled, partly over concerns that an apology would lead to demands for reparations — payment for damages.

No mention of reparationsThe Cohen resolution does not mention reparations. It does commit the House to rectifying "the lingering consequences of the misdeeds committed against African-Americans under slavery and Jim Crow."

It says that Africans forced into slavery "were brutalized, humiliated, dehumanized and subjected to the indignity of being stripped of their names and heritage" and that black Americans today continue to suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow laws that fostered discrimination and segregation.

The House "apologizes to African-Americans on behalf of the people of the United States, for the wrongs committed against them and their ancestors who suffered under slavery and Jim Crow."
"Slavery and Jim Crow are stains upon what is the greatest nation on the face of the earth," Cohen said. Part of forming a more perfect union, he said, "is such a resolution as we have before us today where we face up to our mistakes and apologize as anyone should apologize for things that were done in the past that were wrong."

White lawmaker reaches outCohen became the first white to represent the 60 percent black district in Memphis in more than three decades when he captured a 2006 primary in which a dozen black candidates split the vote. He has sought to reach out to his black constituents, and early in his term showed interest in joining the Congressional Black Caucus until learning that was against caucus rules.
Another of his first acts as a freshman congressman in early 2007 was to introduce the slavery apology resolution. His office said that the House resolution was brought to the floor only after learning that the Senate would be unable to join in a joint resolution.

More than a dozen of the 42 Congressional Black Caucus members in the House were original co-sponsors of the measure. The caucus has not endorsed either Cohen or his chief rival, attorney Nikki Tinker, in the Memphis primary, although Cohen is backed by several senior members, including Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, D-Mich., and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. Tinker is the former campaign manager of Harold Ford, Jr., who held Cohen's seat until he stepped down in an unsuccessful run for the Senate in 2006.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

McCain once opposed the proposal for the creation of a public holiday honoring Martin Luther King. He, now as an official presidential candidate, should make a public apology for such disrespect against honoring the memory of Martin Luther King. McCain should also make an official retraction against his own proposal that the US has the privilege to rule Iraq for the next one hundred years. McCain should really make those public announcements to prove to the whole world that he is not a closet-racist and is really a progressive politician. And McCain ought to do those things so that he can catch up with the widening lead of Obama over him in the recent surveys conducted regarding the coming US presidential election.

It is important for McCAIN to those things since he is also saying to the US public that what he is offering to them is actually progressive politics of social change. McCain has to break down the barriers, so to speak. He has to dissolve that huge wall of controversies regarding his stance on racial equality and his empire-building policy in Iraq. Winning the US presidency should not be the only thing that should matter to the McCain presidential campaign. It is also improtant that McCain should be presented to world opinion as a leader who can rationally, empirically and pragmatically work for global peace, harmony and cooperation. McCain should also be presented to the US public as a man who can allow catalyst policies to further the gains of the peaceful and lawful struggle for racial equality. That's how it should be for the McCain-presidential campaign.

As of now McCain is widely perceived by many citizens of the world as JOHN RAMBO MCCAIN, JOHN WAR MCCHINE, or JOHN MCCHAIN. JOHN MCCAIN is also being depicted as John MyCain (sometimes as John "My Cain" to highlight "Cain" on that tag) because of his seeming readiness to use means that may go against international law. Such should not be that way! McCain has the choice to present himself properly to the critical eyes of the wise citizens of this globe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Peace Advocates Around The World See John McCain's Presidential Bid In The USA

McCain is now being seen by many peace activists all over the globe as an uncompromising unilateralist and truly-ambitious imperialist. Peace activists see McCain as someone wanting to trash out the UN Org completely and replace it with his own Democratic Alliance. Democratic Alliance is just McCain's ploy to make his unilateralist and imperialist designs work out all over the world. McCain is seen by peace activists all over the world as wanting to secure US imperialist rule over Iraq so that the US can also invade Iran, Syria and Somalia. McCain, that is if he wins the US presidency, is being seen by global peace activists as one who wants to ensure that the US will have complete and clear access to all the oil fields of the Middle East region and Africa, so he intends to invade Iran, Syria and Somalia to make such dream come true. It seems that peace activists all over the world really believe that McCain really wants to assume the title as the Modern-Day Emperor of Babylonia once he becomes US president. And such a title will be highlighted by McCain's planned invasions of Iran, Syria and Somalia. Such apprehensions really have basis.

Even though John McCain has already stated that the US news media had misquoted him on his supposed proposal that the US troops should guarantee American intervention on Iraq for one whole century, it is obvious that his main policies on the Iraq-War issue- that is if he gets elected as the next US president- would be to ensure that the Iraqi people would have democracy without sovereignty for the next 100 years. That's quite a long, long time. Democracy without sovereignty is not a democracy! Such form of democracy is an invalid democracy. John McCain is seemingly a pro-imperialism guy! He maybe is a progressive, but he seems a man who does view imperialism as something that some poor nations of this world have to embrace as a necessity. He seemingly wants US imperialism to go on in Iraq for one whole century. That would make him truly a pro-imperialist guy. That's how many peace advocates around the world see McCain's would-be policy on Iraq if he wins the presidency of America.

Many peace advocates all over the globe have now come up with various tags on John McCain's name. They call John McCain with these titles or names: JOHN RAMBO MCCAIN (for being a extremist-unilateralist), JOHN WAR MACCHINE (for aspiring to pursue aggressive methods against Iran, Syria and Somalia in keeping up with his political ideas), and JOHN MCCHAIN (for desiring to chain down the US economy upon a a well-entrenched and truly-secured US imperial rule over and above Iraq). John Rambo McCain was obviously extracted from the Rambo films of Sly Stallone. Peace advocates see McCain's unilateralist beliefs as somehow inspired by the Rambo films. The problem with the McCain's Rambo mentality is that such a perception is a fantasy-filled and fanatical way of thinking that an egoistic superhero can save humanity from the bad forces of this globe. Such mentality only leads to despotic rule. John War McChine makes McCain some kind of a leader who can see aggressive wars as opportunities for investments and securing global peace. The problem with such mentality is that it makes a leader become so entangled with violent remedies that will endanger the stability of the whole world. John McChain makes McCain an ambitious imperialist who will tax the American public (and such taxation may later become so heavy as some kind of a burden) just to maintain American imperial rule over and above Iraq. The problem with that one is that the US economy may continue to suffer setbacks due to the volatile political situation in Iraq. That's how many peace advocates of this world see John McCain as US president- that is granting the fact he wins the US presidency. That's why peace advocates all over the world are calling upon the American people to vote for Barack Obama in the coming US presidential election. That's why Obama has so may fans all over the world than the unilateralist John McCain.

The truth is that racial discrimination still exists today in the USA. The American Indians in the USA today are seemingly loosing their own identity as a people and, also, the relevance of their own culture. The American Indians' ancestors were the first organized civilised communities that resided in the two American continents. Where are they now in the USA? Is there such a thing as white domination til' this day? Of course, there still is. The whites' ancestors came to the Americas (both North and South) as colonizers, conquerors, the king's peeps, masters and rulers. The blacks' ancestors came to the Americas as subjugated peeps, slaves, conquered people from Africa, refugees and servants of the white masters. The Americans who would vote this year should see Obama's presidential bid as a great opportunity for the American society to reflect upon the past injustices that had happened against the American Indians and the blacks and, with such reflection, see the coming US general elections this year as a way of correcting past mistakes and a golden opportunity to pave the way of allowing racial equality to journey into new frontiers and higher dimensions.

I do hope that the community leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties will reflect upon such reasons, so to unite in endorsing and backing up Obama's presidential bid. Obama becoming the first black US president would really be a historic turning point in American society and politics. The American people should not waste such golden opportunity to correct and rectify the past political mistakes in US history. The reasons are clear to all the human minds of the modern world. The facts are obvious.

Monday, June 16, 2008


In the morning of May 16, 2007 I went in front of the Thai Embassy in
Makati City. That was about 10:35 in the morning before lunch-break. I held a peaceful and lawful protest-action in front of the Thai embassy to persuade the Thai government to return democracy back to the Thai people. I was able to enter the lounge at the ground-floor of the embassy. I was miraculously allowed by the embassy's security guards and employees to deliver a "letter appealing for the return of democracy in Thailand". I was also allowed by the Thai embassy's security guards and employees to put balloons (which had slogans for democracy) at the front-side garden of the embassy. The slogans on those balloons were the following:
After putting those balloons at the front-side garden of the Thai Embassy, I burned some few incenses and prayed right there in front of such embassy for the return of democracy in Thailand. After some few minutes I took out all those balloons and gave all of those things away for free to the passers-by. That action was a peaceful and lawful one. I'm planning to repeat such type of peaceful and lawful action in front of other foreign embassies that are currently representing dictatorial and despotic national governments in the coming days. I already did only recently some similar actions to the other embassies of Southeast Asian countries which do need serious democratization-process now. Such were the embassies of Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and others. My advocacy is called "political abrogationism". Such advocacy wants to peacefully and lawfully abolish all the dictatorships, monarchic reigns and despotic regimes all over this world. Such advocacy wants every country, every social organization and every culture in this world to peacefully and lawfully embrace real, global and moral democracy.
You can view what I did at the Thai Embassy on May 16, 2007 by clicking this web page
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt-VoV0Bb1o . Or click this web page now:
http://www.youtube.com/prodemocracyman55 and select the video with the title:

The following were the contents of the letter that I gave to the Thai ambassador on that

said day:

"Thailand was once a shining example of a free and democratic country in Southeast

Asia. Thailand has once a democratic government that once was urging its neighboring

states, like the nation of Myanmar or Burma, to be democratized and allow the reign of

human rights among their peoples. But now Thailand has become a country of uncertainty-

its democracy was replaced with military rule. Thailand's military generals have formed a

junta that is currently governing the Thai people. Many civil liberties of Thais have been

suppressed. Human-rights' violations all over Thailand has become rampant once again.

I hope that the current Thai ambassador in the Philippines can urge the current Thai

junta to give way to democracy and allow the reign of human rights and civil liberties once

again among the Thai people. I hope that the Thai people can work peacefully and lawfully

for the democratization of Thailand and its neighbor- Burma. I hope that the current Thai

ambassador to the Philippines can urge the leadership of the U.N. to allow the

democratization and the holding of free elections in the whole U.N. Organization. I also hope

that the Thai government can help pressure the Burmese junta to release Miss Aung San

Suu Kyi, and, also, to give way to democracy.

I hope that the Thai people will once again have the privilege and responsible freedom

to elect their government leaders. The Filipino people have been successful in holding free

elections last May 14, 2007. I hope that the Thai people can have their free elections once

again in their own country. Best wishes to the current Thai ambassador in the Philippines!

Peaceful and lawful democratization for Thailand and for this whole world!

Human rights and civil liberties for all the humanity of this world!!!!!"

I believe in political abrogationism. It is an advocacy which preaches that all dictatorships, monarchic reigns and despotic regimes all over this world should all be abolished peacefully and lawfully. Political abrogationism also preaches that every country, every social organization and every culture in this world should peacefully and lawfully embrace democracy. Political abrogationism is just an advocacy. I know that the ultimate objectives of such an advocacy are nearly-impossible to achieve. I know that such an advocacy is some kind of a doctrine dreaming of a perfect world. I didn't create such advocacy to really make democracy become absolute all over this world. We know that most countries in this world right now are already democracies. And I know that some situations will occur on this planet that can give way to dictatorial rule in some parts of this world. I created the advocacy of political abrogationism for the main purpose of making the wise citizens of this world become always vigilant in their lifetimes in defending the importance of human rights, democracy, civil liberties, constitutional processes and responsible freedoms for all the humanity of this world. Such form of vigilance should always guide humanity in the march for global stability and progress. In such a way, the awareness of the importance of individual self-manifestations and self-expressions being coordinated to social harmony and pluralism among the humanity of this planet would always be safeguarded by the wise citizens of this world.
I once joined several on-line campaigns that petitioned Pervez Musharraf (the current President of Pakistan) to resign from his illegitimate presidency and give way to the return of democracy in Pakistan. We made several appeals to the many internet forums all over the world to make the whole international community pressure Musharraf to give way to the return of democracy in Pakistan. I did that starting 2003. This year the world saw Pakistan's democracy returning successfully. A newly-elected parliament came into existence in Pakistan. The democratic procedures and processes had returned back to normalcy in Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf's illegitimate presidency will naturally be overcome by such democratic procedures and processes. This time around I will stop appealing for Pervez Musharraf to resign from his illegal presidency. The reason is that Musharraf's illegal presidency will automatically crumble in due time because such illegal rule will be naturally and lawfully abrogated by Pakistan's democratic procedures and processes. In fact, Musharraf's illegal rule now is more like a ceremonial position which is seemingly without any significance to the duly-elected constitutional government of Pakistan.

Pres. Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines was once tagged as someone who had manipulated the year 2004 national elections in our country. I once joined the peaceful and lawful protest-actions in year 2005 calling for Mrs. Arroyo to allow the democratic processes to prove her legitimacy as the president of the Philippines. And the democratic procedures and processes in our country had now proven that she had really won the year 2004 presidential election. And I have to respect the natural and universal methods and procedures of democracy. Now Mrs. Glo Arroyo is now again involved in a graft and corruption scandal that has degraded her moral responsibility to govern the country. I wouldn't call upon Mrs. Arroyo to resign now from her presidency. I would just have to allow the constitutional process to take its own natural course on such issue and, then, just allow Mrs. Arroyo to decide on her own about clinging on to or resigning from her scandal-prone presidency. And such things are obvious. But the Arroyo admin should always respect the constitutional procedures and processes.
Political abrogationism is merely one of the many human affirmations that do express the reality that democracy is a guiding light for moral order and a necessity for the protection and securing of human rights, responsible freedoms and civil liberties of all human beings in this world. Hence, political abrogationism merely affirms the reality that democracy is a guiding light and a necessity for the humanity of this world.That is what the advocacy of global democracy means to me. That is what the advocacy of global democracy should mean to the whole humanity of this world. This world needs real, global and moral democracy. All the wise citizens of this world know such necessity. All the wise citizens of this world should champion political abrogationism now.