Monday, October 06, 2008


OCTOBER 7, 2008


Though his paternal roots came from a once-subjugated land,
Barack grew up with a staunch and stunning mind.
His adolescence never insulted his own intelligence;
He blossomed as a twinkling youth with notable achievements!

He dipped his hands into various causes and noble works
And, with courage, walked upon hungry streets and crawling parks.
He did win for himself the thunderous admiration
Of the world's wise people who really despise oppression.

Obama's slender, clear and soothing voice
Gives out so many charming and amusing notes
That can musically please his throngs and legions of fans!
Barack can seemingly perform a superb healing trance.

He tenaciously built terraces of hopes and visions where
Progress can really climb upon to reach greater heights and win
The glorious haven of success. Obama can rejoice
And work with the whole wide world for such stairs to flourish.

Obama's righteous and wise ideas can securely dwell
In and upon the scholarly books that act as real
Banks for mental treasures of this world. Obama is
A great and charming man in a world that freely spins.

___________by Rummel Pinera


I'm urging the Filipino people here in the Philippines to request and ask our relatives and friends in the U.S.A. to support, back up and rally for Barack's bid to become the next US president to succeed GWB. We Filipinos should also urge our relatives and friends in the U.S.A. to vote for Obama and ensure that the Democrats will overwhelmingly win in the coming US general elections.

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