Monday, October 06, 2008


This poem isn't about Sarah Palin..... But I do dedicate this to her since the poem might give her some great insights on statesmanship and politics.

"Saron Fallion"

Saron Fallion drives his horses excellently;
His devotion to horsemanship is piety
That could never be broken by any heresy!
Saron treats his horses like a one-man army
Standing up proudly for his own country.

But one day he came across a motorbike;
His eyes stared at such thing with emotional spike.....
And started longing to drive it along the hike.
Days passed by, but the said longing lingered in his heart;
Such desire was one day given a scratch.

One day the bike's owner challenged him to drive his iron-tug;
Saron dared the challenge and rode upon that bug.
Saron thought the bike was only a horse dressed up in armor;
He whispered something to it as though it can hear.....
And he even talked to it without any fear.

He started to sweat when the engines roared;
The bike's smokes hurled the dusts all around
The highway. Then Saron moved like a frightened kid
About to be dragged by a bloody beast;
Then he hit his ride into a macho tree.

Saron luckily survived such wild and horrendous crash;
His alert brain saved his big ass from being bloodied into the grass.
Since then he became modest in trying to learn new concepts;
He thus learned that learning must truly and really shine
And grow up before it can become a skill and a goldmine.

______________by Rummel Pinera

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