Monday, October 06, 2008


OCTOBER 7, 2008

"The Democratic Party Should Overwhelmingly Win The Coming US Elections"

It is really obvious that the Democratic Party today represents the force of progressive social change for the American people. Today’s Dems are known to be advocates of full racial equality, safety nets for the working class in an economy facing tough challenges, support for proper green laws that will truly-protect the natural environment from human-made excesses, the mass-production of alternative energy sources, the curtailing of advertisements promoting vices, and other morally-correct campaigns that will benefit the whole American society. Today’s Dems are also promising the Iraqi nation that they will regain within this decade their sovereign will as a people dedicated to constitutional democracy. Hence, today’s Democrats really represent the force of progressive social change for the American people.

Today’s Republicans, that is on the other side of the equation, seemingly represent the force of reactionary measures in America. Today’s Republican Party is vehemently against the idea that the American government should sign the treaty regarding the limitation of carbon emissions. Aside from that one, today’s Republican Party is also against the following: 1.) Furtherance of strong measures to curtail environmental degradations; 2.) The complete banning of ads that promote vices; 3.) The welfare-proposals for the working class in an economy that is now facing serious problems. It also seems that today’s Republican Party is against giving back to the Iraqi nation within this century the real sovereignty that they once have. Hence, today’s Republican Party seemingly represents the force of reactionary politics in America.

The American people today should be wise enough to give the Democrats the victory that they deserve in the coming US elections this November. The American people must ensure that the Dems would gain the majority seats in both the senate and congress in the coming US elections. The American people should vote this year for the representatives of progressive social change in their country’s legislature. Progressive legislation is necessary in an economy that seems to be declining. The American people should remember that the current Republican (GWB’s) administration is partly (some say ‘fully’) responsible to the creation of current economic problems that the US is facing today. Hence, it would be wise for the American voters to ensure the overwhelming victory of the Democrats in the coming November elections. The Dems should therefore gain the majority seats in both the senate and congress.

I think Republican Party also has to change from within. It has to become open to progressive processes and changes that this modern world really needs. No political party in the world has to remain stagnant on introducing progressive changes and plans for a society. The Republican Party in the US also needs to change from within.

The American people must also ensure that Obama wins the coming US presidential election. The American voters know that Obama is the standard-bearer of today’s Democratic Party. Obama today is carrying the main banner of the Democratic Party, so to speak. It is only proper that American voters elect a presidential candidate who really represents creative social progress for the USA….. And the only presidential candidate in America today that represents creative social progress is no other than Barack Obama. It’s definitely not McCain! Obama has long been campaigning for progressive social changes in America long before he officially joined politics. Obama is the man! He deserves to be America’s next president after GWB. Obama is really for global peace, harmony and cooperation. Cheers for Obama! Obama shall surely win the coming U.S. presidential election. Amen.


OCTOBER 7, 2008


Though his paternal roots came from a once-subjugated land,
Barack grew up with a staunch and stunning mind.
His adolescence never insulted his own intelligence;
He blossomed as a twinkling youth with notable achievements!

He dipped his hands into various causes and noble works
And, with courage, walked upon hungry streets and crawling parks.
He did win for himself the thunderous admiration
Of the world's wise people who really despise oppression.

Obama's slender, clear and soothing voice
Gives out so many charming and amusing notes
That can musically please his throngs and legions of fans!
Barack can seemingly perform a superb healing trance.

He tenaciously built terraces of hopes and visions where
Progress can really climb upon to reach greater heights and win
The glorious haven of success. Obama can rejoice
And work with the whole wide world for such stairs to flourish.

Obama's righteous and wise ideas can securely dwell
In and upon the scholarly books that act as real
Banks for mental treasures of this world. Obama is
A great and charming man in a world that freely spins.

___________by Rummel Pinera


I'm urging the Filipino people here in the Philippines to request and ask our relatives and friends in the U.S.A. to support, back up and rally for Barack's bid to become the next US president to succeed GWB. We Filipinos should also urge our relatives and friends in the U.S.A. to vote for Obama and ensure that the Democrats will overwhelmingly win in the coming US general elections.


This poem isn't about Sarah Palin..... But I do dedicate this to her since the poem might give her some great insights on statesmanship and politics.

"Saron Fallion"

Saron Fallion drives his horses excellently;
His devotion to horsemanship is piety
That could never be broken by any heresy!
Saron treats his horses like a one-man army
Standing up proudly for his own country.

But one day he came across a motorbike;
His eyes stared at such thing with emotional spike.....
And started longing to drive it along the hike.
Days passed by, but the said longing lingered in his heart;
Such desire was one day given a scratch.

One day the bike's owner challenged him to drive his iron-tug;
Saron dared the challenge and rode upon that bug.
Saron thought the bike was only a horse dressed up in armor;
He whispered something to it as though it can hear.....
And he even talked to it without any fear.

He started to sweat when the engines roared;
The bike's smokes hurled the dusts all around
The highway. Then Saron moved like a frightened kid
About to be dragged by a bloody beast;
Then he hit his ride into a macho tree.

Saron luckily survived such wild and horrendous crash;
His alert brain saved his big ass from being bloodied into the grass.
Since then he became modest in trying to learn new concepts;
He thus learned that learning must truly and really shine
And grow up before it can become a skill and a goldmine.

______________by Rummel Pinera