Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Jon Wants To Cage The World

"Big Jon Wants To Cage The World"

Big Jon wants to cage the world!
He wants to cage every bird,
So everyone of its kind
Can sing what he wants to hear!

Big Jon wants to cage every nation;
He wants every country of this planet
To obey his whims and caprices!
Such dream is as fierce as Jon's own fears.

When Big Jon finally realized that the world
Always wants to be free and that the bold
Among humanity would gladly defend global freedom,
Big Jon himself went inside to his own monumental cage.
He later turned that huge cage into his own small kingdom.

The longing for freedom is always loud
And sane to every nation of this world!
A man who loses his sense of freedom upon this planet
Actually loses his sense of sanity in his own heart.
No sane human would reside inside a cage!

_____by Rummel Pinera

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