Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Peace Advocates Around The World See John McCain's Presidential Bid In The USA

McCain is now being seen by many peace activists all over the globe as an uncompromising unilateralist and truly-ambitious imperialist. Peace activists see McCain as someone wanting to trash out the UN Org completely and replace it with his own Democratic Alliance. Democratic Alliance is just McCain's ploy to make his unilateralist and imperialist designs work out all over the world. McCain is seen by peace activists all over the world as wanting to secure US imperialist rule over Iraq so that the US can also invade Iran, Syria and Somalia. McCain, that is if he wins the US presidency, is being seen by global peace activists as one who wants to ensure that the US will have complete and clear access to all the oil fields of the Middle East region and Africa, so he intends to invade Iran, Syria and Somalia to make such dream come true. It seems that peace activists all over the world really believe that McCain really wants to assume the title as the Modern-Day Emperor of Babylonia once he becomes US president. And such a title will be highlighted by McCain's planned invasions of Iran, Syria and Somalia. Such apprehensions really have basis.

Even though John McCain has already stated that the US news media had misquoted him on his supposed proposal that the US troops should guarantee American intervention on Iraq for one whole century, it is obvious that his main policies on the Iraq-War issue- that is if he gets elected as the next US president- would be to ensure that the Iraqi people would have democracy without sovereignty for the next 100 years. That's quite a long, long time. Democracy without sovereignty is not a democracy! Such form of democracy is an invalid democracy. John McCain is seemingly a pro-imperialism guy! He maybe is a progressive, but he seems a man who does view imperialism as something that some poor nations of this world have to embrace as a necessity. He seemingly wants US imperialism to go on in Iraq for one whole century. That would make him truly a pro-imperialist guy. That's how many peace advocates around the world see McCain's would-be policy on Iraq if he wins the presidency of America.

Many peace advocates all over the globe have now come up with various tags on John McCain's name. They call John McCain with these titles or names: JOHN RAMBO MCCAIN (for being a extremist-unilateralist), JOHN WAR MACCHINE (for aspiring to pursue aggressive methods against Iran, Syria and Somalia in keeping up with his political ideas), and JOHN MCCHAIN (for desiring to chain down the US economy upon a a well-entrenched and truly-secured US imperial rule over and above Iraq). John Rambo McCain was obviously extracted from the Rambo films of Sly Stallone. Peace advocates see McCain's unilateralist beliefs as somehow inspired by the Rambo films. The problem with the McCain's Rambo mentality is that such a perception is a fantasy-filled and fanatical way of thinking that an egoistic superhero can save humanity from the bad forces of this globe. Such mentality only leads to despotic rule. John War McChine makes McCain some kind of a leader who can see aggressive wars as opportunities for investments and securing global peace. The problem with such mentality is that it makes a leader become so entangled with violent remedies that will endanger the stability of the whole world. John McChain makes McCain an ambitious imperialist who will tax the American public (and such taxation may later become so heavy as some kind of a burden) just to maintain American imperial rule over and above Iraq. The problem with that one is that the US economy may continue to suffer setbacks due to the volatile political situation in Iraq. That's how many peace advocates of this world see John McCain as US president- that is granting the fact he wins the US presidency. That's why peace advocates all over the world are calling upon the American people to vote for Barack Obama in the coming US presidential election. That's why Obama has so may fans all over the world than the unilateralist John McCain.

The truth is that racial discrimination still exists today in the USA. The American Indians in the USA today are seemingly loosing their own identity as a people and, also, the relevance of their own culture. The American Indians' ancestors were the first organized civilised communities that resided in the two American continents. Where are they now in the USA? Is there such a thing as white domination til' this day? Of course, there still is. The whites' ancestors came to the Americas (both North and South) as colonizers, conquerors, the king's peeps, masters and rulers. The blacks' ancestors came to the Americas as subjugated peeps, slaves, conquered people from Africa, refugees and servants of the white masters. The Americans who would vote this year should see Obama's presidential bid as a great opportunity for the American society to reflect upon the past injustices that had happened against the American Indians and the blacks and, with such reflection, see the coming US general elections this year as a way of correcting past mistakes and a golden opportunity to pave the way of allowing racial equality to journey into new frontiers and higher dimensions.

I do hope that the community leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties will reflect upon such reasons, so to unite in endorsing and backing up Obama's presidential bid. Obama becoming the first black US president would really be a historic turning point in American society and politics. The American people should not waste such golden opportunity to correct and rectify the past political mistakes in US history. The reasons are clear to all the human minds of the modern world. The facts are obvious.

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