Thursday, April 15, 2010


I believe that even if there is no specific constitutional provision demanding the medical and psychological evaluations of presidential and vice-presidential candidates in a democratic republic, such evaluations should be mandatory due to the fact that the principle of social contract is a basic rule in maintaining the stability of a democratic republic. Social contract validates the ideal transparency of would-be candidates for the vice-presidency and the presidency when it comes to mental health, because the public should know if such candidates have the sanity to protect and secure their civil liberties, responsible freedoms, human rights, democracy and constitutional procedures. Hence, the Commission on Elections in a democratic republic can do mandatory psychological evaluations for all vice-presidential and presidential candidates by using the logic of social- contract. We know well that insanity may drive the chief executive of a democratic republic to go against the democratic rights of the citizenry….. and, therefore, it threatens the stability of all the constitutional processes of a democratic nation.

The insanity of a head of state of a democratic republic may even destroy the concept of a social contract between the elected government and the governed. We should not allow insanity to wreck havoc against the basic principles of a constitutional republic. An insane human being must first be cured of insanity before being allowed to run for either the vice-presidency or presidency. It would be a disaster for democratic rule to allow an insane human being be crowned as the new president-- even if such person hasn’t yet been cured of insanity. A chief executive experiencing bouts of mental disorder or insanity can lead to irrational governance, Irrational governance leads to anarchy and chaos. The only way that such a problem can be avoided in a democracy is when the Commission on Elections would do mandatory psychiatric evaluation for each vice-presidential and presidential candidate respectively. Such evaluations should be reported to the whole citizenry of a democratic republic. Such psychiatric examinations for vice-presidential and presidential candidate can delete out the probability of having an insane person as a chief executive. The citizenry of a democratic republic should always be vigilant in securing their nation from the dangers of such type of a problem.

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