Thursday, April 15, 2010


Let us be vigilant this coming national election in our country! We must use our video-cams, digicams, video-phones, cell-phone-cameras or any device that can take shots of photos and videos that show certain irregularities or violations of certain electoral laws. Such vigilance can prevent politicians from committing cheating schemes just to win an election. Also, such vigilance would help
our nation achieve honest and clean elections.

If you can, you have to join certain volunteer groups that are dedicated to making the elections truly-clean and would do poll-watching duties come election day. Such groups also have clear mechanisms on how to safeguard election-results. If you are so busy to have time to join such volunteer-groups, then just do your share of reporting certain irregularities- that is if you see one- to such volunteer organizations or to the media. Such kind of volunteerism is necessary in securing the sanctity of election-results. Volunteerism for such election-watchdogs is another form of doing your patriotic duties.

When doing your patriotic responsibilities for clean elections, be sure that you can come up with reports that are unbiased and objective. Remember that loyalty to democratic principles is really a wonderful idea. Being true to democratic principles reflect the necessity of protecting one's own civil and human rights, since the main beneficiary of a truly-orderly and clean election is the individual citizen of the republic. Election-results reflect the realization of the expression of the general will of the nation when deciding to elect local and national leaders..... And the general will of the people or nation is just the collectivization of the expression of one individual human being to enjoy her or his own responsible freedoms and civil and human rights. Hence, safeguarding the whole election process is actually safeguarding the responsible freedoms, civil and human rights and democracy that we have here in the Philippines.

Even in our small ways, we can promote the notion that every electoral exercise in our country should be honest and clean. We can promote such idea all over the internet and to our acquaintances via our cell-phones. We can use the internet and the cell-phones in constantly reminding our families, relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, and other acquaintances of the morality of holding honest and clean elections. We should also remind ourselves of the duties that we can do for the holding of honest and clean elections in our country.

The Filipino people have to make use of every possible method in securing the sanctity of ballots during elections. We must keep on safeguarding the whole electoral process since it is our duty to do it so. Safeguarding the whole electoral process is actually safeguarding our constitution, responsible freedoms, civil and human rights, democracy and social stability as a nation.

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