Saturday, April 03, 2010


Noynoy Aquino is not an Obama-like presidential aspirant in the Philippines. He is not a charismatic public speaker. He didn't come from a low-middle class family. Noynoy Aquino was born rich and, as known by majority of Filipinos, a member of the land-owning aristocracy in his own provincial hometown. Noynoy Aquino isn't a member of any ethnic or racial minority in the Philippines. He is a rich boy who happens to be one of the main managers and owners of the controversial Hacienda Luisita (Luisita Farm).

As one of the main managers and owners of the Luisita Farm, he is known in such a place as some kind of a reactionary who seems to make very little action to alleviate the socio-economic status of the peasants and workers there. So far, the peasants and laborers in the Luisita Farm are among the poorest and most oppressed farmers and workers in the Philippines. Noynoy Aquino did not try anything new in the said hacienda that may reform the harsh social conditions of the farm-workers there. In other words, Noynoy Aquino didn’t come up with any new formula that may have helped to raise the standard of living of the farm-workers of Hacienda Luisita. That makes Noynoy Aquino a conservative landowner who seems not interested in introducing actual and real social reforms for the oppressed sectors of the Philippine society. That means Noynoy Aquino’s socio-political philosophy is quite different and diametrical to the socio-political ideals espoused by current U.S. President Barack Obama. The reasons are quite obvious.`

Benigno Simeon Aquino III (Noynoy Aquino) is nearly 50 years old- but remains unmarried and without children of his own. There are rumors that Noynoy Aquino might be gay. His gender- orientation is still a question-mark to most Filipinos. Noynoy has never admitted nor denied vehemently and publicly that he’s gay. Up to now, the question of Noynoy being a gay or not has not yet been fully-answered by Noynoy himself. On the other hand, I know well that Barack Obama’s integrity as a real man has never been questioned. I’m not being chauvinistic here….. but I would like to point out the indecisiveness of Noynoy Aquino to fully-answer or resolve the question of his gender-orientation. Believe me, I do believe that gays and lesbians have the same civil and human rights as those of heterosexual females and males. There’s nothing wrong in seeing a woman or man admitting that she or he is not heterosexual. It takes courage to admit one’s true gender-orientation.

I can’t see the logic of some of Noynoy’s political supporters comparing him to Obama when it comes to political ideas and rise to the presidential race. Noynoy Aquino and Barack Obama are two worlds apart when it comes to those basic political ideas, so to speak. Barack Obama was the very first Afro-American to get the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party in the USA.`And, as history has shown us, Obama was the very first Afro-American to gain the US presidency. Noynoy Aquino, as I’ve already pointed out, has never been and is not a member of any ethnic or racial minority in the Philippines. Obama worked his way up to finish his studies. Obama’s biography clearly shows the Cinderella-like rise to politics that he (Obama) has achieved through actual perspiration and hard work. Noynoy Aquino never really made great strides in gaining both congressional and senatorial seats. Noynoy Aquino was born with a silver spoon in and upon his mouth, so to speak. Things were really easy for Noynoy Aquino when he entered politics. Even his rise to the senate was just another easy-to-get position for Noynoy, since his family and relatives have dependable and easy political connections. Noynoy Aquino’s rise to political power was mainly due to the political-dynasty system and semi-feudal structures that still dominate lots of rural areas in the Philippines. Hence, Noynoy Aquino’s political career was a by-product of elitist and oligarchic mechanisms that still hover upon many Philippine provinces.

Noynoy Aquino’s own political career has never been that impressive! Noynoy didn’t produce any spectacular bill in both congress and senate that might have produced social and economic reforms benefiting the Filipino people. Noynoy Aquino has never participated actively in the relief-operations during past natural and human-made calamities that affected the Filipino nation. He never made strong stands and huge campaigns for certain causes during heated national debates about certain socio-political issues that once raged the Philippines in the past. Noynoy Aquino has never been seen walking upon flood-waters to help typhoon-victims during past storms that hit the Philippines. Noynoy Aquino has never been a stellar politician, so to speak.

It is true that Noynoy Aquino has admitted to the Filipino public that he’s a chain-smoker. Chain-smoking is a bad habit that one human being should dispose of. US Pres. Obama has already made tremendous lifestyle-changes to do away with chain-smoking. Noynoy Aquino can’t brag such habit! It would be a huge mistake for him to brag about such chain-smoking habit of his as something that he has in common with US Pres. Obama. US Pres. Obama has never bragged about such habit when he was still on the campaign-trail for the US presidency. Noynoy Aquino’s admission to the Filipino public that he has a chain-smoking problem (and he seems bragging about it) while in the middle of a campaign-trail to gain the Philippine presidency might cost him to lose many votes from non-smoking Filipinos.

Noynoy Aquino is another traditional politician wanting to gain the Philippine presidency. His reactionary policies against the farmers and workers of the Hacienda Luisita do reflect the traditional politics that he has espoused and is still espousing right now, Noynoy Aquino has never spoken out against the political-dynasty system and the semi-feudal structures that still dominate many provincial areas in the Philippines.

Noynoy Aquino is a traditional politician! It’s really up to the Filipino people to decide if Noynoy Aquino would win the 2010 Philippine presidential election. But I’m quite certain that Nioynoy Aquino is not an Obama-like presidential candidate for the 2010 Philippine presidential election. Noynoy is basically a traditional politician in the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

Noynoy Aquino is absolutely, no doubt, 100% gay. Now that he is the president, he is so obviously gay on TV. All his current so called "flings" with some women sensationalized by the media are repeatedly perpetrated by the crackpot and closet promiscuous Kris Aquino and the gay himself Boy Abunda. The closet gay Noynoy savors these smoke screens to hide his true nature. That's why he has no authoritative presence over his government and his cabinet is so weak. A lot of embarrassments already happened just in the first weeks of the gay president, which is a disastrous shame, one example is the hostage crisis which he handled in complete failure. So what if he's gay? But just can't deny it anymore, Noynoy is a disastrous gay as a president, though not as a person. He is indeed clean and not corrupt but incompetent as the nation's leader. I currently give him a failing grade.

Anonymous said...

Noynoy is definitely not Obama, for Noy is an absolute closet gay. His frequent appearances on TV as president only reveals his gay persona. His a failure as a leader who can't handle national crises. Closet whore Kris Aquino and gay deceiver Boy Abunda leaks Noy's fraud flings with different women to make people believe that Noy is not gay. We have high hopes before but all seems in vain.

Anonymous said...

who are those nobody who had given P-Noy failing grades? it was obvious they were seething w/ envy!