Thursday, April 12, 2007


The Philippines is really a beautiful country! Our country has a working democracy, friendly and nice people, and truly-wonderful natural sceneries. The Philippines is also a bastion of strong faith in holiness and goodness. I don't believe that the Philippines has a "rotten socio-political system"! I believe that democracy is really working in the Philippines. But it can not be denied that our country has some socio-political problems that come from a defective political-patronage system that hinders the further advancement of democracy in this nation. Our people have to gain a truly-meaningful, global and moral democracy in this country. Reforms, reforms, reforms! Socio-politcal reforms are necessary to renovate the Philippine political-electoral system and the political institutions that would make democracy in our country become truly-meaningful, global and moral to all the sectors of the Philippine society. And I believe that the Philippines has plenty of idealistic social reformers who will continue to struggle peacefully and lawfully to gain real, global and moral democracy for the Filipino people. Cheers for the Philippines! I love the Philippines!

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