Friday, March 09, 2007


I really don’t know if the COMELEC officials (all handpicked by Mrs. Arroyo) can disqualify Mr. Chavit Singson as a senatorial aspirant this week. For one, Singson is a known ally of Mrs. Arroyo- the one who had annointed and chosen the present leadership of the COMELEC. I think all COMELEC officials should be annointed and chosen by the members of a non-partisan body in our government. Such should be the task of the Supreme Court’s justices. The Supreme Court is suppossed to be a non-partisan body in our government. Mr. Chavit Singson definitely violated certain election-rules. Can Mr. Abalos disqualify Singson? If Mr. Abalos can’t do the job of reforming the COMELEC and the political-election system, then he should voluntarily resign from such a post at the COMELEC.

And one more thing..... I have participated in People Power Revolution 1 and People Power Revolution 2. I believe that the Filipino people should unite again to use the People Power Move to guard the integrity of the coming election in May, year 2007. The civil society groups, the COMELEC and the multi-sectoral alliances should use the People Power Methodology to ensure that the coming election in May, year 2007 here in this country is peaceful, lawful, honest, credible and clean. Real democracy for the Philippines!

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