Saturday, May 12, 2007


It is election time once again here in the Philippines! I know that the Genuine Opposition is about to take the majority seats, that is both in the senate and congress, in the coming mid-year election. I just hope that such politicians who are about to become our law-makers will do their job properly. I’m also praying that the coming election here in the Philippines would be truly honest, credible and fair. The Comelec officials should work hand-in-hand with the senate and the congress in finding out ways to reform the political- election system here in the Philippines. The concerned sectoral groups here in our country should also participate in reforming the political-election system until all the basic institutions of Philippine democracy have been stabilized already………..

I’m also announcing to the whole world my intention to run for the Philippine presidential election in year 2010. That’s no joke! I will begin my "early" campaign for such a presidential election this year 2007. I’m going to run for such endeavor to campaign for real, global and moral democracy in this world. I’m going to start my presidential campaign right after the May 14 national election in the Philippines. Watch me do such a campaign in the coming days.

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Anonymous said...

seriously? :D God bless yah then. :D