Monday, December 03, 2007


Last Nov. 29, 2007, a senator and a general in the Philippines (both are being charged with failed coup plots) had staged some kind of another coup attempt against the Arroyo regime. Such a coup was not really a real one in the sense that not a single gunshot was fired by the so-called rebels. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim were the ones who led such a rebellion against the Arroyo regime on that day. Of course, such rebellion did not last long since the leaders and the participants of such peaceful rebellion surrendered right away to the authorities when tear-gas cans were thrown in their midst after the negotiations for their surrender failed. All those who participated in
such a rebellion surrendered peacefully to the government authorities.
Such action was really rebellious in the sense that such a peaceful coup attempt called for a withdrawal of support from the Arroyo regime. Many Filipinos actually were sympathetic to such a move done by Trillanes and Lim. Maybe a great majority of the Filipino people were really hoping during that peaceful coup attempt that Mrs. Arroyo would resign from the presidency. What Trillanes and Lim had done at that time was really unconstitutional and illegal. But their demand for such a resignation of Mrs. Arroyo from the Philippine presidency can be seen as something that has moral basis. After all, the Arroyo regime has been involved in so many scandals that had made the current executive branch of the Philippine government become a real problem to most Filipinos.

Graft and corruption in the Philippine government has become so well-entrenched in these times when many Filipinos are suffering from poverty, homelessness and hunger. The Arroyo regime keep on repeating the so-called figures that the Philippine economy had greatly improved. But you can see in any street in the Philippines the facts that most Filipinos are still impoverished, undernourished and residing in squatter houses. Many Filipino children are roaming the city-streets begging for food and money, if not doing any form of child-labor. Such degrading scenes can be obviously viewed in both rural and urban parts of the Philippines.

Another bad thing about the Arroyo regime is that its own record of human-rights' violations has been becoming worse ever year. Those who are suspected as culprits on human-rights' violations seem to be being protected by government people who are really known as allies of Mrs. Arroyo. The legal procedures against those who had been involved in cases such as human-rights' violations and graft and corruption in the Philippines seem to be being stopped and hampered by many allies of Mrs. Arroyo. So, the Arroyo regime seems to be not doing anything to curtail human-rights' violations and graft and corruption in the Philippines.

So, the majority of Filipinos want Mrs. Arroyo to resign now from the presidency. That's why many Filipinos see Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim as heroic figures of non-violent and peaceful forms of struggles (though what they did at the Manila Peninsula Hotel on November 29, 2007 was constitutionally wrong, the processes in such one whole affair were non-violent or peaceful). Hence, the non-violent or peaceful struggle that Trillanes and Lim demonstrated would be a shining inspiration to all the Filipinos who favor peaceful and lawful means to bring about social reforms in the Philippines. I can also say, though I believe Mrs. Arroyo could have really won the year 2004 presidential election in the Philippines, that if Mrs. Arroyo and her allies would continue violating the constitution and go on protecting the human-rights' violators and criminals within the government, then Mrs. Arroyo should be asked, that is through peaceful and lawful means, to either create an investigative truth-commission that will investigate and charge all those who had done human-rights' violations and graft and corruption crimes from her governmental administration, or resign from the Philippine presidency if Mrs. Arroyo can't or won't solve the problems of human-rights' violations and graft and corruption within her own governmental administration. Mrs. Arroyo should just voluntarily resign from the Philippine presidency if she will admit that she can not do anything to solve the problems of human-rights' violations and graft and corruption inside her own governmental administration. The Filipino people should move on with the peaceful and lawful struggle to attain moral and real democracy in the Philippines.


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mindanaokini said...

The corruption syndrome in the Philippine society is a serious social malady, and this is man-made catastrophe that is greater than insurgency…

Peace advocate must focus on combating the culture of corruption