Thursday, March 20, 2008


I believe in political abrogationism. It is an advocacy that preaches that all dictatorships, monarchial reigns and despotic regimes all over this world should all be abolished peacefully and lawfully. Political abrogationism also preaches that every country, every social organization and every culture in this world should peacefully and lawfully embrace democracy. Political abrogationism is just an advocacy. I know that the ultimate objectives of such an advocacy are nearly-impossible to achieve. I know that such an advocacy is some kind of a doctrine dreaming of a perfect world. I didn't create such advocacy to really make democracy become absolute all over this world. We know that most countries in this world right now are already democracies. And I know that some situations will occur on this planet that can give way to dictatorial rule in some parts of this world. I created the advocacy of political abrogationism for the main purpose of making the wise citizens of this world become always vigilant in their lifetimes in defending the importance of human rights, democracy, civil liberties, constitutional processes and responsible freedoms for all the humanity of this world. Such form of vigilance should always guide humanity in the march for global stability and progress. In such a way, the awareness of the importance of individual self-manifestations and self-expressions being coordinated to social harmony and pluralism among the humanity of this planet would always be safeguarded by the wise citizens of this world.

The democratic procedures and processes had returned back to normalcy in Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf's illegitimate presidency will naturally be overcome by such democratic procedures and processes. This time around I will stop appealing for Pervez Musharraf to resign from his illegal presidency. The reason is that Musharraf's illegal presidency will automatically crumble in due time because such illegal rule will be naturally and lawfully abrogated by Pakistan's democratic procedures and processes. In fact, Musharraf's illegal rule now seems like a ceremonial position without any importance to the constitutional governance of Pakistan.

Pres. Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines was once tagged as someone who had maniplated the year 2004 national elections in our country. I once joined the peaceful and lawful protest-actions in year 2005 calling for Mrs. Arroyo to allow the democratic processes to prove her legitimacy as the president of the Philippines. And the democratic procedures and processes in our country had now proven that she had really won the year 2004 presidential election. And I have to respect the natural and universal methods and procedures of democracy. Now Mrs. Glo Arroyo is now again involved in a graft and corruption scandal that has degraded her moral responsibility to govern the country. I wouldn't call upon Mrs. Arroyo to resign now from her presidency. I would just have to allow the constitutional process to take its own natural course on such an issue and, then, just allow Mrs. Arroyo to decide on her own about clinging on to or resigning from her scandal-prone presidency. And such things are obvious.

Political abrogationism is merely one of the many human affirmations that expresses the reality that democracy is a guiding light for moral order and a necessity for the protection and securing of human rights, responsible freedoms and civil liberties of all human beings in this world. Hence, political abrogationism and social harmonicalism merely affirm the reality that democracy is a guiding light and a necessity for the humanity of this world.

That is what the advocacy of global democracy means to me. That is what the advocacy of global democracy should mean to the whole humanity of this world.

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