Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is my humble tribute to Mrs. Cory Aquino. She will surely be missed by the Filipino nation. But her contributions to Philippine democracy would continue to inspire us Filipinos to move forward in protecting our civil and human rights and achieve national progress. Cory Aquino is a true democracy icon of the Philippines and of the whole globe. Thanks to Cory Aquino's unique heroism and courage.


Former Philippine President Cory Aquino passed away on Aug. 1, 2009 at 3:18 a.m. (Manila time). Cory Aquino has inspired the whole world with her dedication to the non-violent or peaceful means of struggling for democracy and human rights. Cory Aquino is truly a great icon of democracy! The 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines, which Mrs. Aquino has helped to bring about, inspired and mobilized other nations and peoples of this globe to achieve democracy through non-violent means. The impact of such a peaceful revolution reached Eastern Europe in the late 1980s. In fact, the peaceful pro-democracy revolutions that took place in Eastern Europe and the then U.S.S.R. were led by leaders who had been inspired by the 1986 People Power Revolution. Mrs. Cory Aquino also inspired other peaceful pro-democracy revolutions that took place in many parts of the globe during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mrs. Aquino has been one of the most prayerful leaders that the world has seen. Her administration survived seven coup attempts and several other destabilization attempts form extremist fascist elements in the Philippines. Though more of a social conservative than a liberal, Mrs. Aquino nevertheless brought several new liberal trends to the political governance of the Philippines. Her administration produced a constitution that promised the protection of civil and human rights, popular democracy, judicial reforms, people empowerment and the guaranteeing freedom of expression. The current stability of the democratic institutions in the Philippines was a by-product of Cory Aquino's presidency. Cory Aquino is really an icon of democracy in the Philippines and in the whole globe.

Though just a plain housewife before the 1983 assassination of her husband- Ninoy Aquino, she proved to the world that her political activism from 1983 onwards would make a huge impact to the Philippines and to all the nations of this planet. She lived a lifetime that has been marked by true faith in the LORD GOD, humanitarian endeavors, active church membership, loyalty to the peaceful means of struggling for social reforms, and dedication as a guiding mother to both her family and nation. I would dare to say that Cory Aquino is a patron saint of democracy in the Philippines.

I was only in my teens when I took part in the peaceful "People Power Revolution" here in the Philippines. During the 1990s I've supported the peaceful and legal campaigns to democratize Burma,Cambodia and Eastern Europe. From 1993 to 1997 I wrote letters to the editors of Time, Newsweek and other international magazines about advocating "global democracy". I also got involved in a movement calling for the resignation of then Pres. Estrada from office after he got connected to a 'graft-and-corruption scandal' in year 2000. I did those things because I've been inspired by Mrs. Cory Aquino. I really see her as an icon of democracy.

I know that Mrs. Cory Aquino would continue to inspire the Filipino people in defending civil and human rights, democracy and constitutional processes from certain quarters within the Philippines that seemingly still want to have an authoritarian regime. Cory Aquino is a shining inspiration to the peaceful and lawful struggles to enshrine human rights and democracy in the whole globe. I know that she is now residing in the Heavenly Kingdom of our LORD GOD. The LORD GOD blesses her. Mrs. Cory Aquino can now be called as the Patron Saint of Democracy in the Philippines. Amen.

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