Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Opinion About Taxation in the Philippines

I believe in social justice. Social justice balances the opportunities between the rich and the poor people. Hence, I believe that those who have more in life should pay more or higher taxes than those who have less in life.  Social justice is not about equalizing incomes nor setting up a communitarian state. It’s about giving equal opportunities or chances to all to succeed in life without curtailing your human rights, freedom and civil liberties. Social justice is merely a way of balancing the opportunities and chances of individuals from whatever sector of a society to have access on the economic gains of a nation.

Here in the Philippines, we need good roads, effective police forces, well-funded public schools, and other basic services. Therefore, the Government needs to be transparent in showing to the public that the revenues it collects from them will really go to worthy projects. Public officials should be held accountable for the right or wrong handling of revenues generated from tax-collections. Those who have committed bribery or mishandled the said revenues should be penalized for graft and corruption.

The Philippine Government must also run after tax-evaders.  Tax evasion causes economic problems, and those who commit such crime should be penalized. It’s a patriotic and democratic duty to pay one’s taxes, because such is part and parcel of the social contract between the government and the governed. Every sector in the society would benefit from effective means of tax-collections and in the prosecution of tax evaders.



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