Thursday, June 05, 2008



Obama is the new face of progress in American politics if ever he gets elected as US president this year. He symbolizes the aspiration of the American Blacks to really get racial equality to the fullest when it comes to opportunities and rights of individual human beings. His father came from the Third World..... so Obama does have some Third World roots. He also studied (about 3 elementary years) and partly grew up as a child in Indonesia- a Third World country in Asia. Obama knows how to live in a Third World country. Obama winning the White House would symbolically mean that the Third World would now be represented in the White House. That's why many citizens from the Third World see Obama as their champion and, to a certain extent, their new hope for global leadership. Obama also knows how it feels to be in ghetto situations, for he did social works in ghetto areas that do have Third World flavors (features). Obama knows what a ghetto looks like as compared to John McCain. The presidential race between Obama and McCain can be seen as a 'competition between 2 well-known progressives'. Such competition is really interesting especially if Obama would have Hillary as running mate and McCain would have Giuliani as his v.p. nominee. It would really be a 'competition among the progressives to gain the White House' if such tickets would really materialize now. And the prospect of Americans having more than 3 official presidential candidates this year would really make the US presidential race become more exciting. Whether it's McCain or Obama (Obama has the upper hand) who gains the US presidency, it would be certain that the next US president who will succeed George W. Bush would be a progressive, not a conservative. But it would be Obama who would be seen as the better champion of progressive causes in the US because he has Third World roots and he knows the ghetto sub-culture that dominates many Black American families. Obama's presidential campaign is a campaign for real racial equality in the USA and the championing of the aspirations of the citizens of Third World countries to improve their political and economic conditions. The peoples of Third World countries would gladly endorse Obama for the US presidency. The world would be much happier if Obama wins this year's US presidential election.

Obama has graduated from Harvard University, and he knows well that Islamic fanaticism -inspired terrorism is a major threat against the whole world. Obama, being a rational, empirical and pragmatic guy, would surely defend the American citizens all over the globe from the dangers of global terrorism. Obama's youthful energy would surely be a plus-factor in his policies against global terrorism if he gets elected in the White House.

Obama will overcome all those slanders and smear-campaigns against his presidential aspiration. His courage for global peace and harmony will make him succeed in his quest for the White House.

Obama is a modern-day Cinderella who can work efficiently and gladly with the peacemakers of the world. The imperialists are being viewed as bad step moms by most citizens of this world. Obama is really a new icon for the new generation.

The huge amount of urban legends against Obama that some of the supporters of John McCain are generating is actually helping Obama become more and more popular to the whole world. Up against Obama are the Ku Klux Klan, the racists, the neo-Nazis, the fanatics of White-rule doctrine, the imperialists, the hawkish elements, the elitists and the traditional politicians of the United States of America. All of those US supremacist-groups are financing, generating and inventing tall tales against Obama. Such would only make Obama the icon of the oppressed citizens of the world and an underclass hero for the Americans. Obama is really a great man of the modern world. Obama is the man.....

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