Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Libya’s Socialist And Military Dictator Is On The Verge Of Being Overthrown…..

Gadhaffi is on the verge of being overthrown. He knows that his own people are already tired of hearing and seeing him as their sovereign leader over and over again. Such "socialist despot" must admit to himself that he can not go on anymore as Libya's dictator. Libya has now awakened from a deep sleep! Gadhafi should not be spoiled anymore by Western leaders just because his country is rich with oil. The leaders of the international community must unite in condemning Libya's despotic regime and, as responsible statesmen who will uphold international law, should take action against the Gadhaffi regime if it goes on in killing heinously the unarmed civilians.

The Gadhaffi regime should not be allowed to go on with its cruel means of curtailing human rights and freedom in Libya. Gadhaffi must realize that his regime has now been deserted by his own people. The leaders of the international community do know that the Gadhaffi regime is really a backer of terrorist groups that are out there to destroy the global civilization that modern humans have built and are now enjoying. Libya should walk away from being a major sponsor of terrorist groups and despotism. Libya should join the free world in defending the global civilization and in upholding international law. Libya needs to embrace democracy and freedom now! Amen.

Gadhaffi should resign now as dictator of Libya! Amen.

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