Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The UN Must Endorse And Sponsor A Peace Agreement In Libya Now.....

The international community, through the UN Organization, is now effectively enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya. The role of NATO in Libya is to enforce a NO-FLY ZONE. It's the people of .Libya who will have to create a democracy for their own country.

However, the international community can sponsor a peace agreement in Libya that will ensure a smooth transition of the country towards democracy. Col. Moammar Ghadaffi, being an international outlaw and a leader who has committed various crimes against humanity, should definitely exit away from Libyan governance. The armed oppositionists and the commanders of the Libyan Armed Forces should now hold dialogues that would pave the way for a peace negotiation towards national reconciliation and democratization. I'm sure that several generals of the Libyan Armed Forces don't want to see the Libyan military completely annihilated by air strikes from NATO forces and armed attacks from rebels. The international community can now push for and sponsor a peace agreement between the rational state officials, minus Ghadaffi, and the opposition leaders in Libya. Such negotiation should happen within the framework of the international`law and must accept the Libyan people's general will. Such negotiation should pave the way towards the creation of a legitimate constitution and the holding of democratic elections in Libya. The ultimate objective of such peace negotiation should be to establish a national consensus in Libya towards building democratic governance. I wish the Libyan people success in their efforts to have democratic governance for their nation.

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